Oct 28, 2021

Mirror Man Figure - Rocom Toys

 The mad geniuses behind the Mighty Maniax line of figures dropped some new additions recently and there was one that stood out that I just could not pass up!

Mirror Man may or may not be based on a pop star with a smash hit horror music video from the 80s. The facial likeness is pretty amazing! You can almost hear a ghostly "heee-heee!" in the air.

He comes with a couple of alternate heads too. I really like the contouring they did on the faces. This guys looks like he could be hanging out at the diner waiting to race some punk for pinks.

And then there's this guy who also looks kind of familiar...

Cuz this is Thriiiiiillerrrrrr!

One of the great things with the Mighty Maniax line is that they're Glyos compatible which means you can swap parts between all the figures to do stuff like this.

I bet it's a lot easier to Moonwalk underwater!
Swim on over to Rocom Toys to check out the latest Mighty Maniax figures. There's some really cool ones in the new series and they still have most, if not all, of the original wave available, which is where Fishstik here came from.

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