Dec 14, 2022

Alice in Wonderland Tarot Deck

 While I was shooting pics for last week's Spooky Tarot post, I happened to glance over and see this deck that I got for my birthday. Having a birthday right before the Countdown to Halloween kicks off, I sometimes forget to show off birthday loot.

I have to admit I haven't see the movie a lot but I'm very much enamored with the idea of Wonderland itself and all the craziness that goes with it.
Let's go down the rabbit hole!

The deck is definitely inspired by the Disney version of Alice, in case the logo on the box didn't clue you in. While the inspiration comes from the movie, the cards have their own art style that fits well with Wonderland. It's like a fairy tale comic book.

The traditional suits are replaced here with Flowers, Hedgehogs, Spears, and Teacups. The Minor Arcana number cards show the appropriate number of objects as you'd expect. They're not as flashy as the Spooky Tarot cards, but it makes it a lot easier to recognize what they are at a glance.

The suit cards, on the other hand, are all beautiful illustrations featuring the inhabitants of the land through the Looking Glass. I'd love to see the movie redone in this art style!

And of course, the Major Arcana is a who's who of Wonderland. 

The included reference guide has an image of every card with its interpretation. As a bit of extra fun, they've included some Alice specific Tarot spreads to try. There's "Follow the White Rabbit" and "The Doorknob's Key" which is laid out in the shape of a key.

My one gripe with the deck is the finish used on the cards. Whatever it is, it makes the cards difficult to separate. Maybe they'll loosen up over repeated shuffling and handling.


  1. I've started looking at vintage tarot decks, not that I need anything else to collect mind you, but I haven't waded into the modern stuff at all yet. I didn't even realize that there were so many decks still being made.

    1. They're cranking them out for a lot of properties now. Come to think of it, I may have a Nightmare Before Christmas one somewhere...

  2. Can you explain the correlations of the minor arcanas to the original arcana such as which match up to which in your opinion?

    1. I'm more of a Tarot collector but I'm sure if I could find the deck and compare the card guide to a standard deck, it would be easy to figure out what's what.