The Name
When I first started the blog I kept trying to come up with something meaningful. Something that would describe what the blog is about, because that's really the best way for people to find your blog is to give it a relevant name.

I went through a few choices but either it didn't cover everything I was planning on posting about or it was taken...usually both. (Damn you, Lost Behind the Couch Tumblr!)

So I tried to come up with something clever. The blog's original name was An Experiment Into Oddities Unknown...and Sometimes Why. But then I wondered if people would "get" the play on words in the name...AEIOU and Sometimes (Wh)Y. So I shortened it. Plus it's a lot easier to say/type.

What's it all about?
The original plan that I'd been sitting on for over a year was to post comic book covers and random panels from 50s-70s comics with commentary. Also, I'd planned specific features on certain days such as Mail Order Monday, Star Wars Wednesday and Famous Last Words Friday.

This all started out on Tumblr because I wasn't sure anyone would be drawn to a "real blog" just to see images. However, I wanted to try a "real blog" to challenge myself to write about something...anything on a regular basis. And so now, the Tumblr and Pinterest are sort of a visual bonus feature to this blog. Tumblr has fallen by the wayside over the years while Pinterest has got tons of stuff.

Why use "Why" at the end instead of "Y"?
I don't know. Just one of those funky things that hits you when you're trying to come up with something different. It wasn't until a month or so after I'd been posting that I found out there was a song AEIOU and Sometimes Why.

Where did you get that awesome banner image?
It's from the Thundarr the Barbarian Presto-Magix.