Sep 30, 2021

Monthly Media Recap - September 2021

While I watched zero horror movies last month, I figured I should get myself ready for October by tackling a whole franchise I'd never seen.

Hope you don't mind the early decorations being put up. 
Tomorrow begins the month long Countdown to Halloween!!


Gilmore Girls (S5, Netflix) - The big "will they/won't they" moment arrived. Has there ever been a series with one of these where they didn't?

Star Wars Visions (Disney+) - I was on the fence after seeing the first trailer but I'll always give new Star Wars a chance. I really liked the anthology aspect of it with different teams doing each story and the fresh story telling opportunities a different culture opens up. I'd like to see a mini (or ongoing!) series featuring the band from Episode 2, Tatooine Rhapsody.
My episode rankings: 5-7-4-2-3-8-9-1-6

Sep 1, 2021

Monthly Media Recap - August 2021

 Well, this may be a record setting Recap month! It could be the fewest number of movies and also a month with no horror movies. I did watch an 8 hour horror series, but no movies. Crazy!


Bad Batch (2021, Disney+)
I've been watching it every week but haven't mentioned it yet as I was waiting to have an opinion on the whole season. It did feel a little like The Mandalorian as the crew was doing odd jobs and running into characters from other shows. But I trust Filoni knows what he's doing and I'm really into exploring the Rise of the Empire time period.

Gilmore Girls (S4, Netflix)
Still solid and entertaining. Sean Gunn should have at least been nominated for some kind of best supporting weirdo award.

Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021, Netflix)
I didn't know much about this other than it was a horror series but that's enough to get me to jump in! It really feels like it could have been a season of the anthology series Channel Zero, which I loved. You're not really sure where this is going at any given moment and there's just this weirdness to it that makes it memorable. The ending was a little anti-climactic but that final ep had a scene that had me squirming in my seat. No easy feat!