Mar 23, 2022

Vampire Survivors - Game Review

 I play video games a lot but I wouldn't call myself a "hardcore" gamer. In a year, I may play between two and four AAA titles but the rest of the time I'm playing smaller indie games, usually on Steam. I found out about Vampire Survivors from Splattercat's YouTube channel and have been hooked on it!

It's only $3 and the developer is updating it just about every two weeks with tweaks and new content. The game itself is pretty simple but there are plenty of things to unlock that will keep you saying "just one more."

Mar 16, 2022

Fortnite Micro Series - Dark Voyager

 I swear I've seen more Jazwares Fortnite toys come out since they announced Hasbro got the license. I saw the Micro Series popup a short while ago but every time I find them it seems to always be the same four or five figures of the 11 on the card back. But I finally found the one I've been looking for!

The Micro Series figures are about 2.5" tall and come with one accessory. While they're all decent figures, this one in particular grabbed my attention because he's a space looking dude.

Although I've been playing the game for over a year, I'm not into the lore so I don't know anything about the Dark Voyager other than he looks like he might have auditioned for a part in Dead Space.

Mar 9, 2022

Strange Days Ahead

 After seeing No Way Home, and being a little disappointed with how Strange was portrayed, I thought I'd dive back into Strange's comic history in the lead up to Multiverse of Madness. Now this isn't new territory for me, not by a long shot. How I discovered Strange is lost to the mists of time but there is one thing that stands out in my childhood memories, okay maybe two things.

 I had these two Pocket Books, so called because they were paperback size and could fit in your back pocket, that I must have read a billion times each. Like most young boys at some point, I was into the whole knights and wizards thing but my interests seemed to skew more toward the magically inclined. I was such a Strange nerd that I had a three ring binder that I would copy his spell incantations into. Just know, in a pinch, I can still recall how to conjure the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.

Mar 1, 2022

Monthly Media Recap - February 2022

 I slacked a little getting this post ready so no witty chat at the top.
Here's what I consumed in February.

The Book of Boba Fett (2022, Disney+)
I'm still a little mixed on this. It had some great moments (mainly flashbacks and finale), a really bad moment (that cartoon chase), and a lot of pretty okay moments. My main "issue" with it is I just didn't feel Fett was very competent in the 'modern' timeline.
All of Us are Dead (2022, Netflix)
This is where a lot of my movie time went this month. I really liked it from the start, ain't no zombies like Korean rage zombies! It had a lot of good character interaction, which they might have been able to trim an episode worth to tighten it up just a tiny bit. Still a good time and something fresh if you're Walking Dead out-ed. Might be the most competent military zombie response I've seen.