Sep 1, 2021

Monthly Media Recap - August 2021

 Well, this may be a record setting Recap month! It could be the fewest number of movies and also a month with no horror movies. I did watch an 8 hour horror series, but no movies. Crazy!


Bad Batch (2021, Disney+)
I've been watching it every week but haven't mentioned it yet as I was waiting to have an opinion on the whole season. It did feel a little like The Mandalorian as the crew was doing odd jobs and running into characters from other shows. But I trust Filoni knows what he's doing and I'm really into exploring the Rise of the Empire time period.

Gilmore Girls (S4, Netflix)
Still solid and entertaining. Sean Gunn should have at least been nominated for some kind of best supporting weirdo award.

Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021, Netflix)
I didn't know much about this other than it was a horror series but that's enough to get me to jump in! It really feels like it could have been a season of the anthology series Channel Zero, which I loved. You're not really sure where this is going at any given moment and there's just this weirdness to it that makes it memorable. The ending was a little anti-climactic but that final ep had a scene that had me squirming in my seat. No easy feat!

Aug 25, 2021

Awfully Cheerful Engine! (ACE!) Role Playing Game

Back in June, the Kickstarter for the Awfully Cheerful Engine! (or ACE!) Role Playing Game was funded. Usually, I'm an all digital guy when it comes to books but for some reason I splurged for the physical books on this one. What drew me to the Kickstarter was the promise of multiple settings and a fast, easy system.

It's also sort of comic book-y. The game books are around 30 pages and comic sized. Each one is an "issue" in the series. Before I dive into the books, I want to get my major gripe with them out of the way.

While they're comic sized, they have a bound spine instead of being stapled. What this means with a thin 30-page book is that you can't lay it flat open and keep it in minty condition. In addition to collecting things, I like to keep any of my books in the best possible shape. Lucky for me, the "all-in" pledge level includes PDFs of all the books too. If I'd kicked in another $40 I could have gone with the deluxe hardcover edition but I really like the comic size format.

Aug 18, 2021

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

Earlier this year, Mrs Dex and I were trying to think up something fun to do that wouldn't require being around a lot of people. Not that we're anti-social but you know...Covid. She came up with the idea of visiting wildlife sanctuaries and that's become an occasional thing to do when the weather is nice.

Recently we went to Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary and I figured I'd share some pics and maybe inspire others to check out their local wildlife places. It's one of those things people either don't know about or forget about, like libraries.

This particular place has 12 miles of trails. I would guess we might have barely covered 1/6 of that. There were plenty of critters to be seen and really, that's the main reason I want to explore these areas. It's funny when you think about it. These sanctuaries aren't far from your home but you'll never see some of these animals in your neighborhood.

Aug 11, 2021

2021 Countdown to Halloween

 If you haven't been seeing #CodeOrange pop up in your Instagram feed, you're not following the right people! I got my first Halloween themed Oriental Trading Company catalog so it's officially Halloween season as far as I'm concerned!

Sign ups are now open for the annual Coutndown to Halloween blog-along. Visit the site and you can find the sign up link in the right sidebar. The Countdown isn't just for bloggers anymore, either! You can sign up using your social platform of choice and we'll link you in the participant list. You read that correctly, I said "we"...

A little bit ago, Michelle/Naila Moon, one half of last year's Countdown hosting duo, contacted me saying her previous co-host wouldn't be able to host this year and asked me to step in to help out! This Countdown is one of the main reasons I started this blog, so of course I said yes!

This blogger badges for 2021 were just posted yesterday and they are gore-geous! We can't thank Jerry from SeƱor Scary enough for doing these for us. Here's a sample:

We've started an Instagram for the Countdown as well. You can find it at or scan this QR code using Instgram to go right to the page. Give it a follow while you're there, won't you?

If you're posting Halloween stuff on IG, use #CountdownToHalloween2021 and we may repost...regram...whatever you call it on Insta!

Aug 1, 2021

Monthly Media Recap - July 2021

July was quite the month for new content releases!
What have you seen lately that was good? Let me know in the comments.

Black Summer (S2, Netflix) - I'm still struggling to get through this season. The first was a breath of fresh air after the Walking Dead soap opera but I'm just not into this season. I think part of it is the Pulp Fiction non-linear story telling.

Gilmore Girls (S3, Netflix) - You may recall last month when I said I wasn't addicted or anything and I was trying to watch an episode a day? Well, it's now pretty much the nightly routine to watch one before bed.
Loki (S1, Disney+) - I really enjoyed my time with Loki, Sylvie, and the other Lokis but it's hard to make a final verdict when there's still more to come. I'm sure it will all make more sense down the road.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Netflix) - The extent of my MotU fandom was watching the cartoon when it originally aired and owning a Skeletor figure. Despite the massive toy line, I never got far into it so I didn't have any expectations here. To keep this short, I really enjoyed it and LOVE how it ended! Bring on the next season. Tri-klops and his tech cult were awesome!

Behind the Attraction (Disney+) - From the folks that brought you The Toys/Movies That Made Us! If you enjoy the Disney parks, this is look behind the "making of" some of the biggest attractions is a no brainer! Page Brewster is perfection as narrator.

Jul 28, 2021

Star Wars Black Series - Jaxxon

You can keep your Bucky O'Hare, because the original green space rabbit is here! 

Jaxxon, whose first appearance was in Marvel's Star Wars issue 8 in 1978, has finally been immortalized in plastic as part of Lucasfilm's 50 year celebration. I'm not usually one to care about action figure packaging but I love the way this was done. It's really has a VHS box vibe to it. There are grayscale images of him around the sides of the box taken from his recent appearance in the Star Wars Adventures comic. If you're celebrating 50 years of Lucasfilm, why not throw in something from his original Marvel Comics days?
The front opens so you can see Jaxxon though a plastic window.
I've been waiting 40+ years for this figure, he ain't staying in the box!

Jul 13, 2021

10th Anniversary Giveaway

 If there's anyone that can't believe this thing has been going for 10 years, it's me.

Image swiped from RandomStuffShop on Redbubble

One of the main reasons I started this thing was so I could join in the annual blogger Countdown to Halloween. As much work as it is every year to pull together a post for every day in October, I love doing it and seeing what all the other bloggers do as well.

There's also three dudes I want to mention who were all major influences and inspired me to get off my butt and start this thing. You probably know them all.

Rondall Scott from Strange Kids Club
Shawn Robare from Branded in the 80s 
Reis O'Brien, leader of the Dork Horde 

In addition to these fine gentlemen, I've made a lot of internet pals thanks to the Countdown to Halloween and the former League of Extraordinary Bloggers.

And then there's you! Yeah, you reading this right now! Whether you comment regularly or just quietly enjoy the posts, THANK YOU!

Before we get to the good stuff, let's take a look at the top 10 posts of all time! 
Not really shocking, they are the same top 10 posts from last year. Somehow last year, that League post about spacemen rocketed past the Andy Gibb Poster and continues to hold on to its lead.

The most popular post over the last year was one about Choose Your Own Erotic Adventure books. What can I say, the internet is weird...

Naturally, since I'm celebrating 10 years, I'm giving away a present to one reader!
What's in the box?

All sorts of stuff representing different stuff on the blog. We got Star Wars, LEGO, Hot Wheels, comic books with Loot Crate exclusive covers, a monster card game, a horror movie, and more! And this is just what I scraped together to take a pic. There will be even more stuff in the box!

But Dex, you might say, this looks like a bunch of stuff you had laying around and wanted to get rid of. To which I would reply, do you want free stuff or not?

You can enter to win the stuff (not to be confused with The Stuff) by leaving a comment below and/or reposting my Instagram post. If you do both, you get two entries.

Winner will be announced next week.
Deadline to enter is midnight Eastern Friday July 16.
Contest is only open to US residents. 
Apologies to any readers from far off lands!

Jul 7, 2021

Mighty Maniax - Fishstik Figure

 Toward the end of 2020, Rocom Toys launched the Mighty Maniax Kickstarter which ended on Halloween night. These are a very cool line of 3" tall horror and video game inspired figures.

 In addition to the base figures shown here, there are also ones that might remind you of Friday the 13th's Jason or Texas Chainsaw's Leatherface. The great thing about these is that they're Glyos compatible which means you can swap parts not just between the Maniax line, but with any other Glyos figures too!

Each figure comes with three heads and a trading card. I, of course, jumped at the chance to get a new interpretation of the Creature from the Black Lagoon in their Fishstik figure.

He may look a little more shaggy than scaly and that's because the body sculpt for the monster style figures is the same. The head and the paint apps make all the difference. He may be only 3" tall but these figures are chunky and have 10 points of articulation.

Here it is with the wolf head.

And the ape head, or as I call it, swamp-ape.

Here's the front of the trading card that came with it. The card features an image of whichever figure you ordered. It's got a nice gold foil border and logo.

And there's more art on the back. I'm not sure if the backs of the cards form a larger image if you put them together but it wouldn't surprise me!

If you want to bring home some Mighty Maniax, you can pre-order them from BigBad Toystore.

Jul 1, 2021

Monthly Media Recap - June 2021

How we all doin out there? Hope everyone is staying cool, literally! 
Can you believe we are 122 days away from Halloween??


Channel Zero: No-End House (Shudder)
Finally got to watch the one season of this show I missed when it aired on SyFy. Just like the other seasons, it delivers on the weirdness and dread/despair. If you've never seen this series, I highly recommend it. Each season is a stand alone story and is just 6 episodes. It's best not to find out too much about it before watching.

Gilmore Girls (S2, Netflix)
I wouldn't say I'm addicted or obsessed but I do try to get one ep in every night. There's just something about the characters and the small town setting that I really enjoy. Even the supporting characters are well rounded out and given their time to shine.

Jun 23, 2021

Dwellings Comic #2 by Jay Stephens

 I recently got my Kickstarter rewards for the second issue of Dwellings from Jay Stephens. You might knew Stephens as the creator of the cartoons Tutenstein and, one of my personal favorites, The Secret Saturdays. I usually only go in for digital with comics but they offered some cool physical rewards that I had to have!

At first glance, the art style looks cutesy and might remind you of something you'd see in Harvey Comics if you're of a certain age. But let me assure you, this is a horror comic and definitely not for the kiddies!

In Dwellings No 2: “Second Tongue”, the internal conflict between the rational and the supernatural becomes deadly, as a science-minded stranger to town investigates a case of Foreign Accent Syndrome. Mistaken Identity? Or another entity entirely?

Jun 16, 2021

Square Enix's Guardians of the Galaxy Game

 Square Enix recently announced an upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game slated for late October. I'm excited about it but at the same time a little hesitant.

As someone that loves the Guardians, why would I be anything but over the moon about their second video game? Part of it is these weird 90s X-treme character designs. I get that you want to give the game characters a unique look, make them your own, but I'm not loving most of these. 

Gamora and Rocket are the most "normal" looking out of the group. Full size Groot doesn't need to wear anything (you can't see it hidden behind the space llama but check the footage), Drax just looks weird with his tats all bunched up, and speaking of bunched up...what's up with Quill's jacket? It looks like he's perma-shrugging. Although, I do love the rock n roll look of it with pins and patches everywhere.

Have a look at the reveal trailer.

The other part is in articles I've read, they are comparing this to the recent Avengers game. I only played the demo of that for about an hour and I felt it was pretty bland. On the other hand, it also looks like they've mixed in the story choices from the Telltale Games series which is absolutely good news. Even though that style is more of an interactive movie, your choices matter and can effect your relationships.

Here's a little more behind the scenes.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little let down that you'll be playing strictly as Star-Lord in the adventure. I'd definitely prefer having a little change up between levels. But maybe that will make for a stronger story telling experience. The way you can command the crew during a fight looks interesting.

Check out this game play video and see what you think.

At the end of the day, this is one of my all time favorite Marvel teams and not even these weird costume designs are going to keep me away from the game.

Jun 1, 2021

Monthly Media Recap - May 2021

Weather-wise, this was a terrible Memorial Day Weekend. Rainy and temps in the 50s but it's good movie watching weather! Now if only the world was normal and I could go to a theater.

(Disclaimer: Linked titles are affiliate links to Amazon)

Mindhunter (S2, Netflix)
The first season had quite the ending. The second sees the characters continuing their serial killer interviews, working on the Atlanta child murders, and dealing with their own personal dramas. Doesn't seem like another season is in the works but maybe I'll pick up the book it's based on, Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit

Deadhouse Dark (Shudder)
An anthology of six 15 minute of less horror stories. Overall, they were good with a couple that stood above the rest. Some of them are somewhat ambiguous which is totally fine. Horror can lose something when everything is laid out for you. 

Love, Death & Robots (S2, Netflix)
Another round of sci-fi shorts but only 8 this time. I feel like the first season was more consistent for great episodes but there were still some good ones here. 
This was like the best season of American Horror Story and unlike AHS, the quality was consistent from start to finish. Some may find it hard to watch for the racism and/or violence.
Friends Reunion (HBO Max)
If you're a fan of the show, it's obviously a must see. Lots of highlights, some fun behind the scenes stuff, and a handful of special guests.

May 25, 2021

Star Wars - The Making of the Movie (1980)

The masses can keep their May the 4th celebration but I'll always celebrate May 25th as the real Star Wars day! Today in 1977 is when it all began so I wanted to do a little something to commemorate the 44th anniversary.
While I was enacting #BasementPurge2021 a couple months ago, I came across a box with Star Wars books from the 70s/80s. There were old favorites that I read cover to cover I don't know how many times like The Star Wars Album and the Art of books. But there was also the book I'm featuring today which I don't really remember so it was like finding a treasure from 41 years ago.

 The Star Wars Album (again, the book, not a record) had a lot of behind the scenes info about how the movie was made and that's what really got me interested in the behind the camera aspect of movies. This particular book is a Step-Up book written for kids that are ready to move beyond beginning reader level so the text may not be that interesting to older readers.

While anything from the original movie era is a treat, I did find a couple of images in this book that I hadn't seen before. That's something I really appreciate!

Like the above image, for example. Brand new to me! If you're an old timer like me, you'll no doubt see lots of images you remember seeing from your childhood, including the infamous Pink Shorts Boom Operator.

In addition to the special effects, the book also talks about some of the full costume characters and the actors inside them, cantina aliens, and the early drafts of the Star Wars that might have been. It wraps up with a summary of the movie.

I'm not a professional digitizer/scanning person. I wanted to preserve the book as best I could so some of the pages will be slightly tilted but I still hope you'll enjoy blasting back to 1980 to read about the making of Star Wars.

Click on the book cover above to check it out.

May 19, 2021

Star Wars Poster Magazines

Jumping back even further this week to the original Star Wars era when every tidbit was a new piece of the ever expanding galaxy far, far away.

There are download links below each image but if you're not the download type, you can find the poster books, except for the Return of the Jedi 1 & 4 among my Star Wars gallery on Flickr. Even though these are poster magazines, most of these scan are just the articles with no posters.

I should also add that these are not my scans, just things I happened upon while travelling through cyberspace and squirreled away like a Jawa with droid parts.

Star Wars UK Poster Magazine #3 (1978) 1

 This UK magazine has a great Vader poster using an image I had never seen anywhere else. If you're a long time fan, you're used to seeing the same promo shots over and over. Not this one! It still amazes me after all this time that there can still be something "new" to find.

Here's a four pack of magazines from Empire. We take all of Star Wars for granted now, especially if you weren't around when these were released. Things like these poster magazines and the backs of trading cards were a gold mine for new trivia.

The Return of the Jedi pack also has four magazines. Issues 1 and 4 were taken from For some strange reason, one of the pages in each looks like it was photographed (making it almost impossible to read) instead of scanned.
Be sure to tune in next week on the "real" Star Wars Day, May 25th for a special surprise!

May 12, 2021

Star Wars Greeting Cards (1994)

 1994 was an odd time in Star Wars history. Just a few years prior, Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire was released ending what a lot of fans call the "dark times" when it seemed like we'd gotten all the Star Wars we ever would. 

After Return of the Jedi, the final Kenner toys, the Ewok TV movies, the Droids/Ewoks cartoons, and the original Marvel comic series ending in 1987 as far as we knew...that was it. (The West End RPG was just taking off but that's definitely not as mainstream as it is today.) I credit Zahn's books with kickstarting the Star Wars renaissance of the 90s. For better or worse, the next year we'd start getting new (beefier) action figures.

While going through more boxes for #BasementPurge2021 I found a Hallmark bag with some Star Wars greeting cards. These aren't something I generally collect so I'm going on the idea that these were the first new cards to be produced in awhile.

I thought they'd make a fun blog post and I can just make a Star Wars month out of May. Why keep it to just one day? 

Let's have a look!

May 4, 2021

Talisman: Star Wars Board Game

 Over the years, the Star Wars license has been slapped on many classic board games including Operation, Clue, Life, Trouble, at least a half dozen versions of Monopoly, and most recently, Uno. Unlike all these other games, you'll have to shop outside the US to get this one. I assume it's because Hasbro has licensing rights to board games in the US.

If you're not familiar with Talisman, it's a fun way to kill an afternoon with friends. The original is set in a generic fantasy world. Each player has a character with its own abilities. You travel around the board encountering creatures and places, finding allies and gear, and building up your power while searching for a Talisman that allows you to travel to the center of the board to win the game.

This version is basically the same but Star Wars-ified. In the original, a character can be Good, Neutral, or Evil. Here, there is only Good or Evil and you're making your way to the center to defeat or overthrow the Emperor on Exegol.

May 1, 2021

Monthly Media Recap - April 2021

 Wow, was it just me or did April fly by? 


I happened on this when channel surfing and really liked the art and weirdness to it. Since all the eps are on Disney+ I decided to check it out from the start. I'm only a handful of episodes in but I am loving it. It's got an Adventure Time/Gravity Falls vibe to it which is not surprising, since the creator did storyboard art for GF and GF's creator is a creative consultant!
Creepshow (S2, Shudder)
I thought they were going to shoot themselves in the foot this season by putting what will likely be the best episode up first. The rest were pretty good and the season finale was great. Not as good as the opener but close behind.

Mindhunter (S1, Netflix)
I had seen a lot of people talking about it online but never really gave it a look until GI Jigsaw recommended it to me in last month's Recap when I mentioned I was on the lookout for some good true crime. I was a little hesitant at first because it was a show and not a documentary but it hooked me in pretty quickly. A couple eps in and Anna Torv showed up adding a whole new dynamic to the two main characters and that pretty much sealed the deal.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Not something I would ever expect to see show up here either! Mrs Dex wanted to watch it so I gave it a shot and it's really good. The Girls have great chemistry, the dialog is insanely witty, and there's plenty of people in the cast before they became household names to have fun going "Hey, look who it is!"

Apr 21, 2021

Star Wars Rebels Playing Cards

 Since I showed of the Black Series Zeb figure last week and these were sitting by in a pile of Christmas loot that still needs to be sorted out, enjoy these Rebels playing cards! I also have a Star Wars post planned for next week, so why not keep it rolling until May the 4th? I do observe May the 4th but being a devout Star Wars fanatic, still hold true May 25th as the high holy day.

I don't think I have this deck already but it was released in 2017 so I could be wrong. In addition to the standard tuck box, it was also released in a collectible tin. The tins are great but not being standard box size, they can be a pain to store with your other cards.

With a 2017 release, I'd guess these came at the tail end of Season 3 so they had plenty of episodes to pick the subjects that would go in this set. There are no duplicate images among the 55 cards, which is always a bonus in my book. The tibidees (middle Joker) look like they came from the How to Train Your Dragon universe.

The pip cards, or 2-10, have various characters and vehicles from the series. Back when the series debuted, some people didn't like the art style because it was different than Clone Wars but it never bothered me. Especially because they took a lot of inspiration from Ralph McQuarrie's concept art from the original movies.

The cards have a glossy finish and seem like they got an coating of anti-friction something or other because they're pretty slick to the touch.

The court cards, J-A, are a bit different. Every Ace features a different image of the Inquisitor. Jacks are always Ezra. The Kings and Queens are Kanan and Hera (Red) or Zeb and Sabine (Black). Chopper has his own pip card and shares another with Ezra. I guess he wasn't important enough to rank in the face cards. They could have split the Jacks with him and Ezra but I don't mind. Chopper is my least favorite member of the Ghost crew. Direct all hate mail to the comments.

Apr 14, 2021

Star Wars Black Series - Zeb Orrelios

 Zeb Orrelios may not have been a Jedi or the ruler of Mandlaore series but he has always been my favorite member of the crew over the course of the Rebles animated series. For whatever reason, he is only available online, while I've seen other deluxe (ie: more expensive) figures collect dust in stores. The plus side to that is not having to hunt him down.

He comes with his Lasan Honor Guard AB-75 Bo-Rifle, which is a combo bo staff/rifle. I know this from watching the show but if you were someone who happened on the figure and picked it up because it looked cool, you probably wouldn't know his weapon transforms. And to be honest, I didn't realize it either until I looked up photos of him online. Before doing that, I did try to take off the effects on the staff end but was worried they weren't supposed to come off and that I might break it.

The only downside to converting the weapon back and forth is that sliding the body to expand/shrink it seems to be scratching the paint. If you look reeeeally close in the middle under the top handle, you can see a bit of silver there.

A transformable weapon isn't the only neat thing this figure has to offer. There's a couple of holes on his back that pegs on the rifle plug into so he can carry it on his back.

And they did an amazing job on his legs/feet. He's got those back bent knees and they did an impressive job translating that into the figure. I had no problems getting him to stand with the rocker ankles. All the poses you see here are him standing on his own.

He's a deluxe figure, which means they're charging a little more than the usual Black Series $20 price point. And this is likely because he's a bigger figure. I'm glad they stuck with keeping him true to scale. He just wouldn't be the same if they cut him down to 6".

They did a fantastic job with his coloration, skin patterns and armor details. My only small complaint with him is the coloration where the hip swivel is. Above that, the paint is glossy, and below it it's flat which results in slightly different colors. Not a huge deal and really the only "bad" thing I can say about him. If you're a fan of Rebels, you probably already jumped on him when it was announced. If you just like cool aliens, he's worth picking up.

You can grab him on Amazon for around $29.

Apr 1, 2021

Monthly Media Recap - March 2021

If you haven't discovered it yet, check out JustWatch,com or download the app. You can look up movies or shows and it will tell you which streaming platforms you can find it and if it's free.
Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (Netflix) 
Yep, I'm on the true crime train now. I was just hitting mid-teens when this guy was on the loose and remember hearing about him on the news but I had no idea how truly whacked he was. I've seen plenty of CSI shows where they match shoe prints to ID the suspect but I'd never heard of a big case where they actually did that before.

Disenchantment (S4, Netflix)
I love this series. It's not often you get an animated show with an ongoing story and character growth. Well, not from America anyway. And it's still got it's oddball sense of humor.

Wandavision (Disney+)
I didn't think it would be possible, but Marvel has me even more excited for a new Doctor Strange movie! I can't wait to see Wanda and Strange together. It's going to be wild!

Mar 29, 2021

2021 - The Year of the Purge

I made a decision that 2021 is the year of the Purge!

 No, not THAT Purge. The Basement Purge of 2021.

I'm not a New Year's Resolution type of guy but this year I decided to make one and stick with it for the whole year...and likely beyond because a year probably isn't going to be enough to do it right.

I've been a collector of stuff since the original Star Wars came out which was...a long time ago. We moved into our current house close to 20 years ago and I've still been collecting that whole time. You know what? Stuff takes up space!

I would be ashamed to show anyone my computer room because I think it looks like a "Five Years Ago" photo leading into an episode of Hoarders. What's the point of collecting stuff if you don't have a place to put it so you can look at it?

There's boxes of stuff that I owned before we moved in piled up in the basement. 99% of it has stayed in the box it was packed in to move it here this whole time. So I figured it was time to start making space for new stuff. My resolution is this: every month I'm going to go through at least one box in the basement and get rid of what I can. If it doesn't move on eBay after a month, it gets donated somewhere.
One box a month my not sound like much but if you've sold on eBay, you know there's time involved with looking up the items to make sure they're worth selling and that you're pricing them well. Then there's measuring and weighing the packages, and let's not forget taking photos of everything.

So far, I've stuck with it and it's paying off!

A lot of the time, I will post stuff to Instagram before eBay at a lower price than I think it will get at auction. It's not about the money, I'd rather have it go to someone I "know". So far, no bites there yet.

You can check out my eBay shop here.

Mar 24, 2021

Thundarr the Barbarian Funko Pops

 Shortly after Funko started cranking out Pop figures, I had my heart set on ones based on my favorite Saturday morning cartoon, Thundarr the Barbarian. While I kept it in mind that they may never happen, over the years I figured they'd start running out of things people were nostalgic for and eventually they would come and they finally have...sort of.

 Back in February, Funko announced all the exclusives for their Spring 2021 VirtualCon and among them were these three I had been waiting on for years. Yes, my most wanted Pops were coming but they were going to be an online exclusive. In the span of a few seconds I went from elation to presuming I'd never actually see these at a decent price.

A couple weeks later, I saw something about being able to register ahead of time to order the figures. The only catch was you had to have been signed up two weeks before I found this info. Like Thundarr, I was going to fight on ignoring any obstacles in my way!

Mar 17, 2021

Hot Wheels 2021 - Rigor Motor

 There's nothing like finding a sprinkle of Halloween in the off season!

Rigor Motor returns for the first time since 2019 as part of the Hot Wheels Art Car mini collection. This is one of my favorite "Halloween" models because of its coffin shape, skull radiator, and bat ornament. This release also has the skull wheels that I think I've only ever seen on Halloween specific releases previously.

This version is also special because it's got a flat body paint which is something else you don't see very often. But the real stand out is the art. Let's get a better look!

The skull graphic definitely has a Dia de los Muertos vibe to it. That could be a capital "I" but since the card it comes on says it's 1/10 in the art set, it could be the number 1. Looking at pics of other cars in the series, I'm not seeing a number on them. Who knows?

Mar 10, 2021

Slashy Camp Game Review

 If you're into mobile gaming, you've likely heard of Crossy Road or one of the seemingly hundreds of clones of it. If you're also a horror nut, you might have also heard of Slayaway Camp, a slasher inspired puzzle game. Now, the people behind Slayaway Camp have stitched these two together for a really fun casual game on Android and iOS.

Skullface, the "star" of Slayaway Camp, is back for more blood in an endless runner kill fest. Your goal is simple: romp through the woodlands, avoid hazards, and kill everything on two legs. I say two legs because even maniacal slashers shouldn't hurt forest animals. Trust me.

Mar 1, 2021

Monthly Media Recap - February 2021

 A short month means not quite as many movies. That and I was totally absorbed by the Cecil Hotel doc on Netflix!

Westworld (S1-S2, HBO Max) - The 1973 movie is one of my all time favorites and I wasn't sure how they would turn it into an ongoing series. I wasn't really expecting them to go in the direction they did but I love when sci-fi is used to address what it means to be human so I was all in. And then the end of the first season threw out a few wrenches and opened even more possibilites! Can't wait to keep watching.

Neon Genesis Evangelion (Netflix) - Anime is one area of where my geekness is sorely lacking. It's not that I don't like it. I loved the Japanimation that was on TV daily as a kid. I know people love this which is why I wanted to check it out. But I'm 4 eps in and so far it's not really doing anything for me. I'll probably give it a couple more before deciding if I'll finish it.
Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (Netflix) -  I had definitely seen the infamous elevator footage before coming into this, maybe it was back during American Horror Story: Hotel was on and I was poking around into the hotel. The story starts out kinda creepy and then becomes sad toward the end. Personally, I think something happened to her other than a brain chemistry issue but we'll never know. The "internet sleuths" that ruined a dude's life based on pretty much no evidence are a bunch of jerks.