Dec 9, 2014

Haunted Mansion Playing Cards

Another October find from the Disney website. And it looks like I got these just in time because they're no longer available online! They may still be in the parks if you happen to go.

Haunted Mansion Cards Box

I still can't believe they were only $10, considering the awesome job on the packaging. As you can see, the deck comes in its own coffin-shaped box.

Haunted Mansion Cards Inside Box

And it's lined with a nice silk-looking material. The cards are packed in a plastic box that I've found to be fairly standard from Disney.

Haunted Mansion Cards Back & Jokers

Here are the card back and jokers. You should really click on that to get a better view of the card back to see all the detail in it. In addition to Madame Leota's floating head, there are bat stanchions to either side of the eye. These stanchions are a favorite part of the ride queue for many people. And what would a Haunted Mansion deck of cards be without the Hitchhiking Ghosts? I like that the two jokers represent things at the start and end of the ride.

Oh yes, the back of the cards glow in the dark!

Haunted Mansion Cards Glow Back

It's a little fuzzy, but you get the idea. While I like the effect in theory, the way they do it makes the card backs a little gritty/grainy.

Haunted Mansion Cards Face

The court cards in each suit are the same.
Each one features one of the portraits from the stretch room.

Haunted Mansion Cards Pips

The suits are RIP headstones (Spades), bat stanchions (Hearts), spooky eyes from the Mansion wallpaper (Clubs), and candles (Diamonds). I'm presuming the candles are the same as the ones held by the gargoyle sconces, like the black Joker.

Haunted Mansion Cards Pips Closeup

Here's a closer shot of three of the bats, eyes, and candles. This is a really great deck that every Haunted Mansion fan should have!

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