Sep 30, 2023

Monthly Media Recap - September 2023

  The September Monthly Media Recap is coming at you a day early because tomorrow starts the annual Countdown to Halloween blog-a-thon!
Streaming Series

It may have started out as Star Trek: TNG's funny cousin but the show really came into it's own, especially in this final season. Like TNG and other good sci-fi it tackled modern issues with a futuristic twist.
Still incredibly funny, still making it's way into my top TV series of all time. It's just that good.

Sep 1, 2023

Monthly Media Recap - August 2023

 Welcome to September, the blog hibernation month. This will likely be my only post until the end of the month so I can focus on cranking out 31 posts for the annual Countdown to Halloween starting in October!

Streaming Series
With X-Men 97 coming soon, I thought I'd revisit the series since I never watched it all the way through. The animation doesn't seem to have held up well in places. Some shots are done with weird angles and characters can have funky proportions. But, I still enjoy the stories and was surprised just what they packed in with plots, villains, and guest characters.

This show is quickly on its way to becoming an all time favorite and it's just getting better season after season. The writing is so damn funny and I would love to hang out with these characters.


I am usually up for a good grindhouse exploitation flick but this one had a hard time keeping my attention.The sex scenes look like they were done by an alien that's only had the concept of human sex described to them. The only thing that really kept me watching was Colleen Camp, who played Yvette the maid in Clue.

Rating: 4/10