Mar 27, 2024

Now Hear This - Sorcery

I presume I'm not the only person that has some music that lives only in their head. And what I mean by that is you have your popular music that lots of people know and you hear everywhere but there are some bands/songs that just live within you because it's something you only ever hear when you decide to listen to it. It just doesn't "exist" out in the world. Am I making sense or sounding like a crazy person? 
I recently saw Eli Roth's Thanksgiving and was incredibly surprised to hear a few songs from the band Sorcery in the movie. If what I said above made sense to you, then you know what a crazy feeling it is to hear something you're very familiar with but don't expect to hear in the wild.

Mar 20, 2024

Trick R Treat - Sam's 15 Anniversary Collection

Now that Saint Pat's day has passed, we can finally talk about...Halloween! Just kidding, I don't need an excuse to talk about Halloween any time of the year.
I recently received this gorgeous beast from a Kickstarter campaign. Now, I didn't have the $1500 to spare to get drawn into the book (how amazing that would have been!) but I also didn't go for the bare bones digital version either. These days, I have to feel like something is really worth it to get a physical copy and this definitely did not disappoint!

The main attraction is this hardcover, oversized graphic novel with over 260 pages of Halloween goodness. It includes the original comic adaptation of the movie and the sequel graphic novel (Trick R Treat: Days of the Dead). Plus, the KS exclusive version has a brand new story by Michael Dougherty and a slipcase, which is under the book in the above pic. It didn't come out great in my photo but the book has the movie logo at the top in an orange shiny foil.
 Also included is this set of 3 enamel pins by Hot Topic artist M. Victoria Robado.
And this pearlescent print titled "Halloween Carving" created by Michael Dougherty.
But that's not all!

Mar 6, 2024

Naughty or Nice Christmas Gremlin Figure by Fresh Monkey

I'll take any excuse to talk about Halloween no matter the time of year so it's only fair I give a little space to Creepmas with the Christmas Gremlin figure from Fresh Monkey's Naughty or Nice Collection.

 As you might guess based on the name, the Naughty or Nice line is Christmas themed. They have traditional Santas, elves, and reindeer but they also have naughty versions including some wicked Krampus figures!

This is just wave 2, there's plenty more!

I'm always on the look out for things that will help inject a little creepy into the winter holiday season, so this Gremlin was a no-brainer at $20. The chonky figs like Santa and Krampus get into the $35-$40 range (but they're also 6.5") and while I wasn't considering them at first, after getting this one in hand, I feel a lot more comfortable dropping cash on this line. The also have Pocket Collection versions which are 4" tall. And who doesn't need a Krampus that you can carry in your pocket?

Let's break him out of his plastic prison, shall we?

Mar 1, 2024

Monthly Media Recap - February 2024

 Welcome to the February Monthly Media Recap, now with an extra day!
As always, links below will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the movie (or whatever you want) and I may earn a few pennies from qualifying purchases.


I really enjoyed this. I had no idea this series has a Potter-like fandom. The series has that 80s "kids go on an adventure" vibe to it which kind of made me feel like a kid watching it. And speaking of kids, the young actors were all great. Also definitely recommend the Making Of doc which will just make you like the kids more. I may just pick up the books while waiting for the next season.


It definitely has humor to it but I was expecting a little more given the cast. It's a pretty good Whodunit...or Whodawerewolf. My biggest "gripe" is that if you make a rated R werewolf movie, it should be for gore and not the number of f-bombs in the script. Considering it's based on a video game, I'm surprised they didn't try for a PG-13.

Rating: 6/10