Jun 23, 2021

Dwellings Comic #2 by Jay Stephens

 I recently got my Kickstarter rewards for the second issue of Dwellings from Jay Stephens. You might knew Stephens as the creator of the cartoons Tutenstein and, one of my personal favorites, The Secret Saturdays. I usually only go in for digital with comics but they offered some cool physical rewards that I had to have!

At first glance, the art style looks cutesy and might remind you of something you'd see in Harvey Comics if you're of a certain age. But let me assure you, this is a horror comic and definitely not for the kiddies!

In Dwellings No 2: “Second Tongue”, the internal conflict between the rational and the supernatural becomes deadly, as a science-minded stranger to town investigates a case of Foreign Accent Syndrome. Mistaken Identity? Or another entity entirely?

Jun 16, 2021

Square Enix's Guardians of the Galaxy Game

 Square Enix recently announced an upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game slated for late October. I'm excited about it but at the same time a little hesitant.

As someone that loves the Guardians, why would I be anything but over the moon about their second video game? Part of it is these weird 90s X-treme character designs. I get that you want to give the game characters a unique look, make them your own, but I'm not loving most of these. 

Gamora and Rocket are the most "normal" looking out of the group. Full size Groot doesn't need to wear anything (you can't see it hidden behind the space llama but check the footage), Drax just looks weird with his tats all bunched up, and speaking of bunched up...what's up with Quill's jacket? It looks like he's perma-shrugging. Although, I do love the rock n roll look of it with pins and patches everywhere.

Have a look at the reveal trailer.

The other part is in articles I've read, they are comparing this to the recent Avengers game. I only played the demo of that for about an hour and I felt it was pretty bland. On the other hand, it also looks like they've mixed in the story choices from the Telltale Games series which is absolutely good news. Even though that style is more of an interactive movie, your choices matter and can effect your relationships.

Here's a little more behind the scenes.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little let down that you'll be playing strictly as Star-Lord in the adventure. I'd definitely prefer having a little change up between levels. But maybe that will make for a stronger story telling experience. The way you can command the crew during a fight looks interesting.

Check out this game play video and see what you think.

At the end of the day, this is one of my all time favorite Marvel teams and not even these weird costume designs are going to keep me away from the game.

Jun 1, 2021

Monthly Media Recap - May 2021

Weather-wise, this was a terrible Memorial Day Weekend. Rainy and temps in the 50s but it's good movie watching weather! Now if only the world was normal and I could go to a theater.

(Disclaimer: Linked titles are affiliate links to Amazon)

Mindhunter (S2, Netflix)
The first season had quite the ending. The second sees the characters continuing their serial killer interviews, working on the Atlanta child murders, and dealing with their own personal dramas. Doesn't seem like another season is in the works but maybe I'll pick up the book it's based on, Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit

Deadhouse Dark (Shudder)
An anthology of six 15 minute of less horror stories. Overall, they were good with a couple that stood above the rest. Some of them are somewhat ambiguous which is totally fine. Horror can lose something when everything is laid out for you. 

Love, Death & Robots (S2, Netflix)
Another round of sci-fi shorts but only 8 this time. I feel like the first season was more consistent for great episodes but there were still some good ones here. 
This was like the best season of American Horror Story and unlike AHS, the quality was consistent from start to finish. Some may find it hard to watch for the racism and/or violence.
Friends Reunion (HBO Max)
If you're a fan of the show, it's obviously a must see. Lots of highlights, some fun behind the scenes stuff, and a handful of special guests.