Aug 24, 2022

Star Wars Black Series - Nalan Cheel

 Who knew it was going to be a cantina band member that got me to order a figure from Hasbro Pulse? I just had to get him!

Why this one? What is it about a cantina band guy? As a kid, there were three figures I felt were sorely missing from the original Kenner Star Wars line-up: the Rebel Fleet Trooper, Tarkin, and the cantina band! They had Hammerhead and Snaggletooth, aliens that were barely in the movie, but no band!?

Aug 17, 2022

Fan Expo Boston 2022

This past weekend Mrs Dex and I attended Fan Expo Boston, our first comic convention since the Covid hit.These things have been around for decades and they still have co-ordination issues. I'm not saying I could do it better, just that they should have figured some stuff out by now.

For example, here is a section of the autograph area. It's not even the part that was really crowded. If you wanted an autograph (whether or not you pre-purchased it) you had to stand in line. Which is fine, that's unavoidable. They sold a lot more Ming-Na Wen auto tickets than expected and to keep her line down, they were handing out numbered tickets. They would then update the whiteboard near her line saying if you had number xxx or lower, you could get in the line. Why not just make this policy for everyone? Less time in line means people have more time to spend money elsewhere! Anyway, I'll try to keep my griping to a minimum. 

There were a ton of cool guests but time (and money) prevented me from getting to meet them. But I can truthfully say I was in the same building as Ewan McGregor so that counts for something!

Aug 10, 2022

Countdown to Halloween 2022

 It's still hotter than a witch's cauldron out there but the sign ups for the 2022 Countdown to Halloween are now open!

Head on over to the Countdown site to find the sign up link in the top right column.

The full moon shines down on a forgotten cemetery. The pale light creates an ethereal silver glow as it reflects over an ever present ground fog. The fog breaks slightly as a black cat bounds between the headstones and stops at the door to an ancient stone crypt. The door creaks open slowly with the weight of centuries. Stale air and a warm, flickering orange glow begin to spill out. "Ah, it's good to be alive," you think. "Again."

Who's ready to get spooky??

Aug 1, 2022

Monthly Media Recap - July 2022

I know July has 31 days but did it seem a bit on the long side for anyone else? Anyway, we're kicking it into August which is pretty much the start of spooky season! Just the other day I spotted Reese's Pumpkins at the supermarket and I know folks on social media have been spotting stuff at places like Home Goods and Michael's. Let's goooo!

Streaming Series 

Of course I watched the first part when it was released but wanted to wait until it was all wrapped up before talking about it. Easily my favorite season so far! I can't believe how much the show is growing with the kids. They went from Monster Squad to full on Nightmare on Elm Street and I am loving it! I am going to be in agony waiting for the final season and I just know the Duffers are going to slay it!

Iman Vellani is Kamala Khan. She absolutely embodies the character and I couldn't be happier at her portrayal. I can't wait to see her meet Capt. Marvel and nerd out! It's unfortunate the new Marvel shows are only getting 6 episodes, she definitely could have used more breathing room. The power change worked great but time will tell how that big thing at the end turns out.

This is getting terrible reviews but I thought it was at least okay. My Resident Evil knowledge comes from the first three movies and that's it. I didn't suffer through it except towards the end of the final episode where it started feeling a little SyFy original. I guess the best thing I can say is that I'll tune in if it comes back.

You may have watched the recent CBS show (if not, you should be!) but did you know if was based on a UK show? The first three seasons are streaming and I think I'm actually enjoying it more than the US version. Being a UK show, the seasons are around 6 episodes. Even if you haven't seen the US version, give this a shot!

The Most Hated Man on the Internet (2022, Netflix)
Human. Garbage. I don't think I remember hearing about this 10 years ago (or I forgot). If you're such a scumbag that Anonymous comes after you, you probably deserve what you get.