Aug 1, 2022

Monthly Media Recap - July 2022

I know July has 31 days but did it seem a bit on the long side for anyone else? Anyway, we're kicking it into August which is pretty much the start of spooky season! Just the other day I spotted Reese's Pumpkins at the supermarket and I know folks on social media have been spotting stuff at places like Home Goods and Michael's. Let's goooo!

Streaming Series 

Of course I watched the first part when it was released but wanted to wait until it was all wrapped up before talking about it. Easily my favorite season so far! I can't believe how much the show is growing with the kids. They went from Monster Squad to full on Nightmare on Elm Street and I am loving it! I am going to be in agony waiting for the final season and I just know the Duffers are going to slay it!

Iman Vellani is Kamala Khan. She absolutely embodies the character and I couldn't be happier at her portrayal. I can't wait to see her meet Capt. Marvel and nerd out! It's unfortunate the new Marvel shows are only getting 6 episodes, she definitely could have used more breathing room. The power change worked great but time will tell how that big thing at the end turns out.

This is getting terrible reviews but I thought it was at least okay. My Resident Evil knowledge comes from the first three movies and that's it. I didn't suffer through it except towards the end of the final episode where it started feeling a little SyFy original. I guess the best thing I can say is that I'll tune in if it comes back.

You may have watched the recent CBS show (if not, you should be!) but did you know if was based on a UK show? The first three seasons are streaming and I think I'm actually enjoying it more than the US version. Being a UK show, the seasons are around 6 episodes. Even if you haven't seen the US version, give this a shot!

The Most Hated Man on the Internet (2022, Netflix)
Human. Garbage. I don't think I remember hearing about this 10 years ago (or I forgot). If you're such a scumbag that Anonymous comes after you, you probably deserve what you get.

Let me just say, the trailer is a bit misleading. This is not the LOL comedy I thought it was going to be. Yes, there are some funny parts but there's a lot more "messed up people trying to figure stuff out" parts. That said, it was more than I was expecting and very entertaining. 
Rating: 8/10

Answering what if young Clark Kent was bullied in school, started coming into his powers, and turned on his parents when he finds his parents kept his origin from him? While this is sort of a "super" movie, it's definitely got some horror movie level violence and gore to it. The kid they cast in this is amazing. Early on you'll feel bad for him but later it's like he's Jason showing up at camp and you know someone's not making out of that scene.

Rating: 8/10

Wow, has it been almost 10 years? Wasn't expecting much here but this is probably the best of the modern horror remakes. While it has a splash of Raimi-ness and callbacks for OG fans, this succeeds at being its own thing. This one isn't played for laughs, it's a full blooded horror flick that actually shocked me a little with the realization of a scene that was taken out of the original.

Rating: 7/10

Did you see the original one and love it? Skip this one. It's a sequel and remake all rolled into one or as I've heard them called, a "requel". If this had been the only one, I might give it a little more respect.It's sorely lacking the authenticity of the first one.

Rating: 5/10

I can't pass up a horror flick involving video games but I'm not quite sure I "got" this one. It's got a very Videodrome freaky body-horror thing going on and some stuff that might melt your brain. One thing I really did enjoy is that most of the arcade cabinets are obviously based on real games but have legally different art/logos.
Rating: 6/10

Any time I see an animated series jump to the big screen, I always ask myself if it's necessary. I love Bob's Burgers and the story is definitely worth the feature length treatment. Being a movie, they have fancy shading and CGI you won't find on the show. Basically, if you enjoy the show, you'll find everything you like about it packed in here somewhere.

Rating: 8/10...CRIME HOLE!

Mix together 1999's The Mummy, Indiana Jones, and sprinkle with some Pirates of the Caribbean. The story was decent and there's some fun visuals, although the CGI animals are just not quite there. Some things won't make sense if you try to think about them, so just cruise along. If you're a fan of the ride, you'll get your fan service and plenty of skipper jokes.

Rating: 7/10

RRR (2022, Netflix)
I saw a lot of rave reviews of this and a quick clip of someone punching out a tiger so I had to check it out. Admittedly, when I saw the 3 hour run time I was a little intimidated but I can assure you, it is completely worth it! While I didn't watch this in one sitting, I was never once bored with it. The action scenes make most of the Fast & Furious stunts look sane. Along with the unbelievable action is a lot of heart and style. The two leads are absolutely fantastic and a joy to watch together. Did I mention there's a scene that breaks into song and a dance battle ensues? Seriously, this movie has to be experienced and is a prime example of why it's good to see things from other countries!

Rating: 9/10

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  1. Stranger Things 4 was fantastic. I originally thought that was going to be the last season, but with all the cliffhangers, had to confirm it wasn't. It was outstanding!