Feb 15, 2024

Hasbro's Dungeons & Dragons - Sheila

 Here we are, finally wrapping up Hasbro's Dungeons & Dragons figure line based on the 80s animated series. The line of figures has had a mediocre reception by fans at best. If they couldn't do these right, I almost would have preferred a retro 3.75" 5 POA line which would likely be what we should have got back in the 80s.

At any rate, here's the final figure...Sheila the thief.

I've mentioned it many times before but whether it's actual tabletop RPGs or computer based games, I tend towards the sneakier, more Dexterity-based classes. (Could it be because my last name is Dexter?) And despite how cool the other kids' magic items are, an invisibility cloak is the one you could get the most day to day use out of.

Feb 7, 2024

Hasbro Dungeons & Dragons - Presto

We're almost done rounding out the crew from Hasbro's Dungeons & Dragons animated line. The penultimate kid trapped in a world he never made is Presto the Magic User! Now it's been a minute since I watched the entire series so I don't remember if he actually cast spells himself or if it was all the hat. I mean, I know most everything he did was trying to conjure something out of the hat but did he have the magic in him? If not, is he even a Magic User?

Presto was the only kid that exclusively went by a nickname. Must think he's pretty hot stuff to get by going by one name. The show bible lists him as Albert and in a '96 D&D comic appearance, he introduced himself as Preston, which makes more sense as an origin for Presto.

Here's Presto Stayin' Alive with his d4. He also comes with two magic effects and an alternate hair. No, you read that right. Not an alternate head...alternate hair. 
Prepare yourself...

Feb 1, 2024

Monthly Media Recap - January 2024

You might want to grab a drink and some snacks before embarking on this epic Monthly Media Recap featuring 13 movies!
As usual, links below are Amazon affiliate links where I may earn from qualifying purchases.


After eight seasons and three movies, I have completed my Psych journey...at least until the next movie comes out. I stopped posting about finishing each season because there wasn't more for me to say. The show blazed its way into my top TV shows of all time thanks to the writing and characters. I love it!
American Nightmare (Netflix)
This true crime doc about a young woman's kidnapping did not go where I thought it would. The most horrifying thing about the story isn't the abduction but how the victims were treated by law enforcement. I don't think I've ever felt enraged after watching a documentary before.
Twisted Metal (S1, Peacock)
My sum knowledge of the game series is some kind of demolition derby with tricked out vehicles. Oh, and there's an ice cream truck. The series definitely delivered and was a ton of fun. It brought me back to SyFy's (or were they still SciFi then?) series Blood Drive which I also love. I haven't seen Mackie is much outside the MCU but the dude's got serious charisma. It better get another season! 
Given that this is only an hour, they don't spend much time with each movie. I have a couple of problems with this list. First, Galaxy of Terror is listed and shouldn't be anywhere near here. Second, Troll is on here and not Troll 2?!?