Feb 7, 2024

Hasbro Dungeons & Dragons - Presto

We're almost done rounding out the crew from Hasbro's Dungeons & Dragons animated line. The penultimate kid trapped in a world he never made is Presto the Magic User! Now it's been a minute since I watched the entire series so I don't remember if he actually cast spells himself or if it was all the hat. I mean, I know most everything he did was trying to conjure something out of the hat but did he have the magic in him? If not, is he even a Magic User?

Presto was the only kid that exclusively went by a nickname. Must think he's pretty hot stuff to get by going by one name. The show bible lists him as Albert and in a '96 D&D comic appearance, he introduced himself as Preston, which makes more sense as an origin for Presto.

Here's Presto Stayin' Alive with his d4. He also comes with two magic effects and an alternate hair. No, you read that right. Not an alternate head...alternate hair. 
Prepare yourself...

And now we've gone into Hellraiser territory. To keep his hat on his head, one of the hairs...is that right? Hairs? Whatever you call it, one of them has a peg that sticks up (which looks almost as weird as this) and that plugs into the hat.

 The first effect is a small burst emanating from the hat.

The second is this weird swirly thing that I had to look at pics online to figure out how it was supposed to work...and I'm still not sure it's right. Having one end plug into the hat and the other have to clamp on to his wrist can be frustrating. The most amazing thing about this figure is that he can actually grip the edge of the hat to hold it like this.

As far as the line has gone, Presto is one of the better figures despite having wonky feet like Eric and a semi-pliable lower robe that doesn't really let you pose his legs at all.

His best trick is being able to do this.
It's always the nerdy kids you have to watch out for...

That's not a rabbit in my hat. I'm really glad to see you.
You can't tell me absolutely no one at Hasbro that was involved in making this figure never thought of this...


  1. So glad Hasbro made this series. Such a great cartoon.

    1. Now that Super 7 also has the license, I'm wondering if they'll do ReAction figures

    2. That would be great. Their Ultimates line is a tad pricey. Well everything is, but a ReAction line would be fantastic.