Mar 22, 2023

Labyrinth of Legendary Loot - Game Review

Hail, Adventurer! Are you looking for a good ol' fashioned dungeon dive in search of an Artifact of Incredible Power that's inconveniently located on the bottom floor?

If so, then The Labyrinth of Legendary Loot (henceforth known as LLL) is for you!
And the best part's FREE! Read on (or just skip to the bottom).

Let's get this out before starting our journey: this is, in fact, a dungeon with twisty corridors and is not an actual labyrinth. You will not be bumping into a tight-panted David Bowie here. Although I haven't reached the bottom floor yet, so I can't say that with 100% accuracy.

LLL is a turn-based dungeon exploring, monster smashing, loot finding adventure. Your goal is to get to the bottom of the dungeon and recover the Thing. You start your quest as a generic hero with a basic weapon for killing, some Health for living, and some Mana for abilities. Unlike other Rogue-like games, there are no mystery potions or scrolls that you have to aid you. Nor does your hero level up.

How do you keep your hero alive while the monsters get stronger every level? 

Mar 15, 2023

Estate Sale Adventure

 I went to my first ever estate sale this past weekend. Truth be told, it wasn't really an "adventure" but My First Estate Sale just didn't sound as catchy a title. Every time I hear the phrase estate sale, my brain instantly brings up images of a huge, mansion like home. Maybe it's Batman 66's fault for using "stately Wayne manor" all he time. But no, this was a two story house just down the street from me.

 Along with the mansion, I always pictured it being some kind of high falutin event. What it actually is, is random people walking through and scouring the house for items. Imagine one day, something unexpected happens to you then people walk into your house. That's it. No pomp, no circumstance, just strangers looking at your stuff. Now, I don't know what happened to the owner(s) of the house but they were obviously older folk(s) based on the contents of the house.

Mar 8, 2023

Now Hear This - Cybertronic Spree

Last year the Cybertronic Spree did a Kickstarter to fund a brand new album of original songs and it was successful! I got my rewards recently so I had to share them. But wait, do you know who The Cybertronic Spree are?

They're a band from the planet Canada made up of various Transformers! They put on a heck of a live show. This shot is from when I saw them in 2021, my first "post-pandemic" concert. Prior to this album, they mostly played covers but also had a couple of original songs. Back in 2019, they released a cover album of The Transformers 1986 movie. That's right, the covered the entire soundtrack album!

Let me tell you something about me...this soundtrack is one of my all time favorite albums. It came out just before I started my junior year in high school. I'd been into hard rock/metal and this album led me to new artists like Stan Bush and Lion. As you may remember, high school is a weird time and this album was there for me. Between Stan Bush's "Dare", "The Touch" and Spectre General's "Nothin's Gonna Stand in Our Way" this was my go to pick-me-up album.

Anyway, back Ravage, the new Cybertronic Spree album!

Mar 1, 2023

Monthly Media Recap - February 2023

Not a lot of trailers this month as I watched a lot more recent, mainstream stuff. As usual, links in this post are affiliated with Amazon.


Another glorious 5 hours spent discussing 80s horror flicks. With this being the third installment, there were a lot more movies I wasn't familiar with. It's also got some nice mini-segments featuring horror stars talking about their careers.

This was mostly pretty good. A couple of the song arrangements were so different from the originals that they lost the catchy bit which makes them easy to remember. Kermit & Fozzy drop in to Unpack their Adjectives and I am 100%  behind a Schoolhouse Rock/Muppets crossover! 

Red Rose (2022, Netflix)
Me on Friday: Hey, let's check out this BBC 8 episode teen horror looking thing. Me on Monday: Wow! That was not what I was expecting. I love all the young actors in this, they feel like a real group of friends and I was pleasantly surprised to see Isis Hainsworth from last year's Metal Lords on Netflix.

A cartoon based on a successful D&D podcast/campaign. While I will probably never listen to the podcast (it's been going for years) I was really surprised by the animated adaptation and greatly enjoyed it! It definitely has the feel of playing D&D. It may be animated but it ain't for young kids!
Obviously worth watching if you've seen the movie but man, who thought a making of documentary could get you teary eyed? There were a few spots in the movie where it looked like it was shot on a stage but seeing just how much they shot on stage where I didn't think that was is amazing.