Dec 30, 2019

Holiday Loot

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great winter holiday celebration of your choosing. Thought I'd squeeze in one more post for the year/decade to show off share some select goodies I got for Christmas.

There was a good amount of Star Wars stuff under the tree this year!

To start things off, here's a pair of Mandalorian shirts. They're both really great and I love the one on the left because the style is definitely inspired by Topps trading cards.

Dec 16, 2019

Cryptocurium Acquisitions

I've had a few additions to my Cryptocurium collection since October so let's see what new minions Lantern Jack has let loose in my home.

First up is the Pumpkin Clown. I actually got this one back in August and never got around to showing him off. He stands about 3.5" tall. I love the little tiny face on his trick or treat pail.

Here is the lore behind him...

On Halloween night in 1957 tales of a frightening encounter were reported by several bewildered homeowners in an undisclosed New Jersey town. They told of how they had opened their doors ready to dispense candy but instead of finding a garden variety trick or treater, they were confronted by something...else. A child sized figure dressed in a black and white clown costume stood before them. They were struck by the fact that in place of a head sat a perfectly carved grinning Jack O'Lantern. From deep in the cavernous mouth the raspy words, "trick or treat" issued forth with the sound of the autumn wind. Most complied, handed over the treats and hurriedly closed the door. However, it's said that one family didn't offer the strange visitor the requested sweets and kept their door shut tight. Strange noises were then heard throughout the night and the next morning they discovered that "curious damage" had been done to their front yard and their cat had gone missing. Frightful whispers of the "Pumpkin Clown" persist to this day.

I adore these figures so much and the fact that Jason puts stories with them just makes them that much cooler.

These next two I got in October and just did not have room to squeeze them in during the Countdown to Halloween.

This guy is a "Witchy Variant" of the Scarecrow Jackling and is a little shorter, standing at 3". I believe the regular versions were cast in a single color and not painted.

Scarecrow Jacklings are known to appear near freshly harvested fields and pumpkin patches in October. "Jacklings" are spirits in Halloween folklore that inhabit pumpkins and pumpkin patches. They are a physical manifestation of the vitality of a particular patch and are the minions of "Lantern Jack". Jacklings thrive on pure Halloween spirit and will appear clutching the gift of a candy corn to those who keep the customs and traditions of the harvest holiday alive. However, breaking the rules of All Hallows Eve will cause the Jacklings to inform Lantern Jack of your transgression and a swift and terrible punishment will be imminent! 

Saving the best for last, it's the Headless Horseman!

Despite not having a head, he's the tallest of this group at around 5.5". It's kind of hard to see in this angle but he is holding his pumpkin head in his right hand. In the other, a bloody axe...or maybe it's just rust?

If you dig these, the Clown and Scarecrow are still available at the Cryptocurium Etsy site. There's plenty of other great stuff to check out relating to Lovecraft and Ghostbusters. If you want to keep up with new releases, follow Jason McKittrick on Instagram.

Dec 9, 2019

Creepmas Comics - Unexpected 220

DC Comics began publishing Tales of the Unexpected in 1956. Due to the newly implemented restrictions from the Comics Code Authority, which put the kibosh on horror, this new title was a science-fiction anthology. In 1968, the title was change to simply Unexpected. The series ran for 222 issues, ending in 1982.

Today's feature is issue #220 from 1982.

Although the cover offers Season's Greetings, it's only the lead story that takes place around Christmas with a mental patient on the loose who nabs a mall Santa outfit.

The last story, Trollbridge, was something different with it taking place in a fantasy setting. That's something I don't think happened much in these anthology series.

Also of note in this issue, a Hostess Twinkies ad with Batman and a full page ad for the upcoming new series Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew which was one of my favorite series at the time.

Click the comic cover to be transported back to the early 80s!

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Dec 6, 2019

Creepmas Comics - Strange Adventures 79

Over the remaining days of Creepmas, I'll be presenting some comics featuring stories perfect for reading by the fireplace.

First up is Strange Adventures #79 from DC. The original series ran for 244 issues from 1950 to 1973. This was DC's first science fiction comic and it all began with a comic adaptation of the movie Destination Moon.

Do you want to build a snowman...with laser shooting eyes?

Click the cover to witness the "Invaders from the Ice World"! This first offering only contains the tile story but future Creepmas comics will feature the entire issues, complete with original ads!

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Dec 4, 2019

Haunted Holiday at Netherworld

The Travel Channel recently posted this very appropriate video.

The Netherwolrd haunted attraction in Stone Mountain, Georgia opens its doors for once night on December 14th inviting you in for a spooky holiday.

This looks like it would be a lot of fun! Their website says it's a limited capacity event and groups will be lead through six people at a time, which sounds awesome because the actors will be able to focus on each group going through.

Stick around to the end of the video to see the great prop museum Netherworld has.

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Dec 2, 2019

2019 Horrornaments

Do you need some dastardly decorations to creep up your crypt this Creepmas season?
Then look no further!

Horrornaments have been around since 2011 and are the perfect thing to bring a bit of horror to your holiday tree or preferred plant of hanging things on.

Watch out, this major award is Fra-gee-lay!

Or maybe you need to get a head? What better head to adorn your home than Mr. Alice Cooper himself?

Frost Bite is one of my favorites from this year. I like how thy used the frost to make a beard and eyebrows.

Snow Baby is maybe a bit more on the naughty list and very cute!

There are plenty more Horrornaments in the 2019 collection but some are selling out so I'd get over there pretty quick! They still have ones from previous years and the Horronaments tree is currently $10 off!

And if you've got some extra cash to burn, the Little Box of Horrors includes the tree, 12 new ornaments, 4 of which are exclusive to the box. They're only making 1000 of these boxes available and they marked down right now from $320 to $197, which means you're paying less than what it all costs!

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Dec 1, 2019

Merry Creepmas 2019!

It's the most horrible time of the year as we begin the 9th annual celebration of Creepmas! If you've somehow found yourself here and don't know what Creepmas is, let's lay it out.

The 13 Days of Creepmas is an online Celebration of Seasonal Spookiness from December 1 - 13. The idea is to bring a macabre twist to Christmas and the holidays. Get creative and post on your blog, website and social media - share your twisted yule visions with the world and be sure to tag them #Creepmas and/or #MakingCreepmas!

 While I do have a few things I'll be sharing here during Creepmastime, I won't be doing new posts for every day this year. But I will be reposting some Ghosts of Creepmas Past on the blog's Facebook page as well as on my Twitter and Instagram.

Click the image below if you still need to grab a Creepmas badge and to see the list of participating blogs.

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