Dec 9, 2019

Creepmas Comics - Unexpected 220

DC Comics began publishing Tales of the Unexpected in 1956. Due to the newly implemented restrictions from the Comics Code Authority, which put the kibosh on horror, this new title was a science-fiction anthology. In 1968, the title was change to simply Unexpected. The series ran for 222 issues, ending in 1982.

Today's feature is issue #220 from 1982.

Although the cover offers Season's Greetings, it's only the lead story that takes place around Christmas with a mental patient on the loose who nabs a mall Santa outfit.

The last story, Trollbridge, was something different with it taking place in a fantasy setting. That's something I don't think happened much in these anthology series.

Also of note in this issue, a Hostess Twinkies ad with Batman and a full page ad for the upcoming new series Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew which was one of my favorite series at the time.

Click the comic cover to be transported back to the early 80s!

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