Dec 30, 2019

Holiday Loot

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great winter holiday celebration of your choosing. Thought I'd squeeze in one more post for the year/decade to show off share some select goodies I got for Christmas.

There was a good amount of Star Wars stuff under the tree this year!

To start things off, here's a pair of Mandalorian shirts. They're both really great and I love the one on the left because the style is definitely inspired by Topps trading cards.

Straight from the House of Mouse is this Galaxy's Edge baseball cap. I'm not sure exactly when these came out but it's clearly before the new area was opened.

And next to that is a Funko Pop of the new droid D-0 from The Rise of Skywalker. Despite all the merch, he doesn't have a huge role in the movie but he's a fun new character.

These pens from Sheaffer have cool graphics on them. Of course, I didn't open them when I was taking the photos, so you have to take my word. R2 is a rollerball and Yoda is a fountain pen, which is a style I have never used before.

This lil guy was actually a present that Mrs Dex got but how could I not share him? If you just can't wait until spring, head over to Knotty or Nice Knits on Etsy.

This Collector's calendar came in a box which kind of makes it feel like the boxed set of an album. It also includes a pair of mini posters.

I really like the art style they went with here because it lets them get away with using art we've seen many times but with a fresh look.

No, this isn't the dopest album drop in history, it's a Universal Monsters calendar! I know the fans are out there but I didn't expect to see a new calendar featuring the classics. Each month features a single monster in black and white...or whatever it is they're doing on the cover here.

Cult Attack is one of my favorite calendars every year. In addition to classic movie posters, they will occasionally toss in a pulp novel cover or two.

This 16" tall Jack Skellington comes in his very own coffin! His outfit is real cloth and if I looked up the correct one, there were only 1993 of these made.

This spooky stereoscope card is from 1978 and is a reproduction of a card used with the Holmes Stereoscope in 1868. Holmes didn't make the first one, but the stereoscope is pretty much the original ViewMaster. 

And finally, the perfect thing to end on...

A Krampus Funko Pop! 

But the Big Gift of the season was a ticket to see Joan Jett, Poison, Motley Crue, and Def Leppard next summer at Fenway Park! I am beyond excited about this even though it's about 8 months off. Should be an amazing show!

What kind of fun and/or interesting gifts did you get?


  1. Great Haul love the Baby Yoda! Still looking into tickets for the big concert but at Wrigley Field they are fetching a cool 1,000 plus so we are waiting for the cheap seats to go on sale. Cheers to a good new year!

    1. Same to you, Bob! Hope you get to see the show

  2. Your family knows you so well ��Happy 2020 my son

  3. You got so many awesome things!! Yes, I'm jealous :p