Dec 16, 2019

Cryptocurium Acquisitions

I've had a few additions to my Cryptocurium collection since October so let's see what new minions Lantern Jack has let loose in my home.

First up is the Pumpkin Clown. I actually got this one back in August and never got around to showing him off. He stands about 3.5" tall. I love the little tiny face on his trick or treat pail.

Here is the lore behind him...

On Halloween night in 1957 tales of a frightening encounter were reported by several bewildered homeowners in an undisclosed New Jersey town. They told of how they had opened their doors ready to dispense candy but instead of finding a garden variety trick or treater, they were confronted by something...else. A child sized figure dressed in a black and white clown costume stood before them. They were struck by the fact that in place of a head sat a perfectly carved grinning Jack O'Lantern. From deep in the cavernous mouth the raspy words, "trick or treat" issued forth with the sound of the autumn wind. Most complied, handed over the treats and hurriedly closed the door. However, it's said that one family didn't offer the strange visitor the requested sweets and kept their door shut tight. Strange noises were then heard throughout the night and the next morning they discovered that "curious damage" had been done to their front yard and their cat had gone missing. Frightful whispers of the "Pumpkin Clown" persist to this day.

I adore these figures so much and the fact that Jason puts stories with them just makes them that much cooler.

These next two I got in October and just did not have room to squeeze them in during the Countdown to Halloween.

This guy is a "Witchy Variant" of the Scarecrow Jackling and is a little shorter, standing at 3". I believe the regular versions were cast in a single color and not painted.

Scarecrow Jacklings are known to appear near freshly harvested fields and pumpkin patches in October. "Jacklings" are spirits in Halloween folklore that inhabit pumpkins and pumpkin patches. They are a physical manifestation of the vitality of a particular patch and are the minions of "Lantern Jack". Jacklings thrive on pure Halloween spirit and will appear clutching the gift of a candy corn to those who keep the customs and traditions of the harvest holiday alive. However, breaking the rules of All Hallows Eve will cause the Jacklings to inform Lantern Jack of your transgression and a swift and terrible punishment will be imminent! 

Saving the best for last, it's the Headless Horseman!

Despite not having a head, he's the tallest of this group at around 5.5". It's kind of hard to see in this angle but he is holding his pumpkin head in his right hand. In the other, a bloody axe...or maybe it's just rust?

If you dig these, the Clown and Scarecrow are still available at the Cryptocurium Etsy site. There's plenty of other great stuff to check out relating to Lovecraft and Ghostbusters. If you want to keep up with new releases, follow Jason McKittrick on Instagram.


  1. Being from Jersey, I just gotta say that Pumpkin Clown is amazing and is now one of my most favorite things!

    1. Yeah I couldn't pass that one up...not that there have been many I have passed up!

  2. These are all great! I especially like the story that goes with the first one. I can imagine that trick-or-treat night. You must have a pretty good sized collection of these by now, hey? I'm remembering several other cute ones. Do you display all of them together?

    1. I don't have the space to show them all off together but they are hanging out in the same part of the room.

  3. Neat figures. Love em. Thanks for sharing.