Mar 1, 2024

Monthly Media Recap - February 2024

 Welcome to the February Monthly Media Recap, now with an extra day!
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I really enjoyed this. I had no idea this series has a Potter-like fandom. The series has that 80s "kids go on an adventure" vibe to it which kind of made me feel like a kid watching it. And speaking of kids, the young actors were all great. Also definitely recommend the Making Of doc which will just make you like the kids more. I may just pick up the books while waiting for the next season.


It definitely has humor to it but I was expecting a little more given the cast. It's a pretty good Whodunit...or Whodawerewolf. My biggest "gripe" is that if you make a rated R werewolf movie, it should be for gore and not the number of f-bombs in the script. Considering it's based on a video game, I'm surprised they didn't try for a PG-13.

Rating: 6/10
The whole thing is like a Kamala Khan fanfic and feels like a comic book in live action. That could be good or bad depending what you want from the movie. I loved the Ms. Marvel series so I was super happy to see Kamala (and family!) on the big screen with her idol. The "blink" fight stuff was really fun. Even though Monica had her moments with Carol, she felt a little sidelined to special guest starring on the Carol and Kamala show. It's one of those movies where you go for the fun of the ride and have a good time.

Rating: 7/10

Pre-whatever happened to him Shia is actually pretty good in this, complete with the required "Nononono". It's a decent Rear Window-ish update even though it strains believability towards the end. Just how many people has this serial killer done in and why is his basement SO huge?

Rating: 6/10
Starring that guy from a few Resident Evil movies (or Rogue's boyfriend in the original X-Men!) this was just a bloody good time. I was sold on this from the trailer. It's got good practical effects and a very 90s/Evil Dead horror comedy thing going. Plus, it's fun to see this jacked dude use wrestling moves on the baddies.

Rating: 8/10

I've been a fan of this director since seeing her 2021 movie So Vam (loved it!) and I have Salem Horror Fest to thank for introducing me to this young transwoman's movies. Her flicks always have something to say and are well done for being low budget.

Rating: 5/10

I only just read the original novel a couple years ago so I lucked out with not having to wait very long for it to be a movie. I know some people that love the book aren't fans of the movie. I would have liked this without knowing the book but I think I enjoyed it more because of it. If you're a Halloween fan and haven't come across this yet, read the book first because I think it tells the story better.

Rating: 8/10

Shockingly, this is the first Eli Roth movie I've seen! I don't know if I'd go so far as to say this is a perfect slasher but it's right up there. What it lacks in nudity, it more than makes up for in violence and gore. The brutality of the opening Black Friday scene sets the tone pretty well. Plenty of good kills and even the ones that are somewhat comedic will have you wincing. Also have to give some points for local humor, since I live in MA.

Rating: 8/10

The Terrornauts (1967)
This isn't a particularly good movie and, in fact, has been called one of the worst films every produced by Amicus. I was surprised to find that it hasn't been on MST3k. But, it also reminds me of something I would have been glued to the TV watching as a kid on a Saturday afternoon so it does have a certain charm to it. It does have the scene from the amazing poster but it's nowhere near exciting as it looks.
Rating: 5/10

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