Sep 30, 2023

Monthly Media Recap - September 2023

  The September Monthly Media Recap is coming at you a day early because tomorrow starts the annual Countdown to Halloween blog-a-thon!
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It may have started out as Star Trek: TNG's funny cousin but the show really came into it's own, especially in this final season. Like TNG and other good sci-fi it tackled modern issues with a futuristic twist.
Still incredibly funny, still making it's way into my top TV series of all time. It's just that good.

There isn't much I could say about this that hasn't already been said other than it's absolutely worthy of the hype it's received. I was totally entertained start to finish.
Rating: 9/10

Despite all the weirdness that has gone on in Miller's personal life and the fact that I haven't warmed up to this version of the character, I enjoyed this quite a bit. Miller did an excellent job acting against themself and I never really felt there weren't two different people on screen. The Batman stuff was great. Probably my biggest issue is the how weird the CGI people look. Along with Shazam, this is the only other DCU movie that had any kind of emotion to it where I was actually invested in the hero.

Rating: 6.5/10

I was expecting this to be a typical Prime no budget horror flick but was pleasantly surprised. It's an anthology with some humorous commercials mixed in presented as a midnight movie marathon. Most of the stories were at least decent and a couple were even funny. It's got guest appearances by Kane Hodder, Linnea Quigley, and Bill Moseley (voicing a killer cartoon cat).

Rating: 7/10
Do you want to see bikini clad vapid rich girls meet their demise at the end of various hour hold tools? Then have I got a movie for you! I got to attend a screening of this with writer/director Drew Marvick in attendance doing a Q&A. It may be low budget but it's silly fun and it was great to hear him talk about the movie.

Rating: 5/10

This was pretty okay for the first 90% of it or so. Is there a ghost hunting the students or something less spectral? The victims, for the most part, are frustratingly stereo-typically dense when they realize they're in danger. The ending is what really sets this apart from similar movies.

Rating: 5/10
This movie is a hot mess as far as tone goes. One minute you might be witnessing a killing, the next it's like watching Enos...not even Dukes of Hazzard, just Enos. They claim "only the names have been changed" but there's a lot more that's not accurate from what little I've dove into on the actual events. On the plus side, it's got one of the most unusual kills I've ever seen and has a great poster by Ralph McQuarrie. While it's no Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it's definitely laying out the blueprint for the slasher genre.

Rarting: 4/10

A much better...sequel? It's a little meta as it takes place in a world where the original movie exists with the modern killer emulating the movie. This one's a proper slasher but has just a little too much Scream DNA in it to make it more original.
Rating: 6/10, Fun fact: they actually play the original movie in Texarkana every Halloween. 
The sequel ups the Fast and Furious vibes by giving us over the top action scenes and letting Statham put the smack down on some goons instead of just a giant shark. The first one was a fun popcorn flick and this could be but I feel like they were trying to do too much with it. It's like they tossed Jaws, Jurassic Park and an action movie in a blender.

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