Dec 13, 2014

Merry Creepmas!

Whether you actively spread Creepmas fear like an infection via social media or visited the participating sites, thank you for taking part in the most wonderfully spooky time of the year!

Here are a couple of Creepmas presents to enjoy.
Click on the cover art to put them under your tree.

 Elvira's Haunted Holidays Special from 1986.
You will need a program to view cbr files, I recommend CDisplay.

Next we have a pair of audio treats guaranteed to drive your family insane with holiday cheer! These have both been out of print for some time now, which is a shame.

Monster Christmas Mash may not be as widely known as the Monster Mash, but it's a holiday gem in its own right. You owe it to yourself to listen to it at least once.

If you need even more Creepmas in your life, check out my Creepmas board on Pinterest.

Follow Dex's board Creepmas on Pinterest.

Visit for a complete list of participating blogs!
And remember, there's only 320 days til Halloween 2015!


  1. Merry Creepmas! This year was a good one. 👹

    1. I didn't have the chance to celebrate as fully as I would have liked but it wasn't bad :)

  2. I have the Tales from the Crypt CD and Monster Christmas Mash vinyl. I've had the record since it originally came out in the 70s. Love it!

    1. They really need to re-release them on CD if nothing else.