Dec 6, 2014

2014 Halloween Hot Wheels - Ecto-1

Who ya gonna call when there's something really strange in your neighborhood?
Extreme Halloween Ghostbusters!

Ok, I admit, it doesn't quite roll off the tongue or fit the song.

Halloween Hot Wheels 2014 Ecto-1

Did the Ghostbusters go all out for Halloween and deck out the beloved Ecto-1 with a flaming jack o'lantern? I like to think this is the Ectomobile belonging to an alternate reality team of Ghost Busters that are in fact ghosts that bust people. Movie studios, you can email me if you want to use that idea for Ghostbusters 4.

Halloween Hot Wheels 2014 Ecto-1

The lighting in this shot really shows off the green translucent windows and flashers on the roof. It also makes the hood look a little more sinister.

And with that, we're done with the 2014 Halloween Hot Wheels exclusives!

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