Dec 30, 2014

December 2014 Loot Crate - Anniversary

Disclaimer: Loot Crate supplies these goodies in exchange for a review/post.

Didn't think I was going to get to it with how crazy things have been lately, but I'm sneaking in this post on the most recent Loot Crate which is all about anniversaries. One of these days I want to try to do an unboxing video, but this month is not it.

Loot Crate Anniversary Mag & Button

As usual, we'll open with the monthly magazine and collector's button. Digging the art on the cover here, especially Groot who is entirely composed of, what else, I am Groot. The mag has interviews with Stan Lee and Josh Mirman, the artist behind the typography cover art.

Loot Crate Anniversary Tetris & Simpsons

The ever addictive Tetris celebrates it's 30th anniversary this year and we got a set of Tetrimino stickers. I still have memories of playing it on my Commodore 64. Never had a Gameboy! As I'm sure everyone knows, The Simpsons hit 25 this year. This Dynomighty wallet shows off a ton of characters from the show's long run and it's made from a single sheet of material! Loot Crate also tossed in a festive mini-candy cane.

Loot Crate Anniversary Ghostbusters Door Hanger

Ghostbusters also hit the big 3-0 this year. Although designed as a Do Not Disturb sign, I think the warning side would actually be more likely to get me to open the door! I found out there were two versions sent out, the other with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Loot Crate Anniversary Marvel

We also got what has to be the most adorable socks ever made! These are Loot Crate exclusive Groot socks. The only item in the Crate where some fighting might break out over who gets to use them. And there's also a Captain America shield air freshener. The package says vanilla, so that must be what freedom smells like: vanilla.

Loot Crate Anniversary Bat Exclusives

Here's a couple more exclusives from the other side of the comic tracks to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary. Batman #36 with an exclusive cover by Greg Capullo. And topping it all off is another Funko exclusive Pop of a Joker-Batman figure! It's Batman, but sporting Joker's colors and trademark grin.

Even the interior of the Crate is Bat-tastic!

Loot Crate Anniversary Box

It's made so you can fold down the front flap (the cave) and there's a Bat-computer to assemble. But my favorite has to be all the details in the back.

Loot Crate Anniversary Box Close Up

The costumes, Batmobile, gadgets, giant penny and T-Rex. Even as someone that's not big into DC the penny and T-Rex are things I instantly recognize as iconic parts of the Batcave.

If you want to get sweet swag delivered to you every month, be sure to sign up at Loot Crate. Use code AEIOUwhy for 10% off your entire order.


  1. I just love that Joker-Batman...I need to hunt myself down one someday.

  2. I love that Joker Batman too! I'll have to see how much it's going for on the secondary market.

    1. I've found some sold listings for under $20, not too bad for an exclusive.

  3. The exclusive Batman-Joker is fun. It's hard doing an unboxing video we have not done one for two months now only because I could not find the time to edit the video. Have a safe New Year Dex.

    1. What do you shoot and edit with? My biggest hurdle is that I'd be shooting myself doing the unboxing and have next to no experience with any kind of video editor.