Dec 3, 2014

2014 Halloween Hot Wheels - Ford Gangster Grin

Thanks to my sister-in-law in Colorado, I was able to get a full set of the 2014 Halloween Hot Wheels exclusives! These single card, not sold in my area cars continue to knock it out of the park. They put the Target "Halloween" packs to shame!

Here's this year's card art featuring Rigor Motor. On a side note, the most recent retail Rigor Motor looks a whole lot like the one on the card!

Halloween Hot Wheels 2014 card art

What more could you want in a Halloween piece of art?
A haunted house, wolf howling at a full moon, bats, pumpkins and a zombie road sign.

Today we're looking at the Ford Gangster Grin. The FGG is returning to the Halloween exclusives for the second year in a row. Last year, it was very pumpkin-y.

Halloween Hot Wheels 2014 Ford Gangster Grin_front

This is a great looking car with a simple color scheme. I think the shape of the body lends itself well to the ghostly streaks flowing over it. And dig those translucent wheels!

Halloween Hot Wheels 2014 Ford Gangster Grin_rear

And this is how you know you've got a Halloween exclusive: the Hot Wheels pumpkin is somewhere on the car.

Halloween Hot Wheels 2014 Ford Gangster Grin_ghost

Here's an extra shot of the spectral vehicle materializing out of the darkness.
Stay tuned for the rest of the 2014 Halloween Hot Wheels!

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  1. I really like this car, one of my favorites from the 2014 Halloween line up! I was only able to review 2 of the 5 during Count Down To Halloween, so I hope to share the rest as well this Creepmas.

    Check out my review here:

    1. Cool! I like what you did with the "ghost" photos.