Jan 7, 2014

Halloween Garage - Revenge of Rigor Motor

While most of the blogosphere is getting uber excited over the upcoming 2014 Hot Wheels pop culture vehicles, I was thrilled to find a new addition to the Halloween Garage so early in the year. I actually found this one in December when the first wave of 2014 started hitting pegs. And with this being the fifth (at least) version, it's in good company.

I give you the latest and greatest Rigor Motor...

hot wheels rigor motor 2014 front

 As with most redeco's (that's fancy collector talk for redecoration, which is when they re-release the exact same toy with a new paint scheme) the only differences are to the colors used. The main body is red metal flake, you can see the glittery effect better below. The flames are a nice touch and I like the subtle form of the flaming skull on the coffin lid.

hot wheels rigor motor 2014 rear

I have a couple of minor nits to pick with this incarnation. I don't like the grill/skulls in black, it makes it very hard to make out what they are at a distance. I'm also not a fan of the use of gold and silver. You know what, the more I look at it to figure out why I don't like the separation I realize it's the black that's throwing it all off for me. Something about it just doesn't sit right with me among the shiny metals.

Even in the card art, I don't think the black works all that well.

hot wheels rigor motor 2014 card


  1. Agreed on the black coloring on this one.

  2. Replies
    1. It's definitely closing in on Fangula as the unofficial official car of the blog.

  3. Pretty sweet, I like it! I don't have this one but I have some other spooky Hot Wheels. I've started up a bit of a Halloween garage all during the month of December. I don't know why, something about creepy/macabre cars is just cool I guess.

    1. There's still plenty of them on the pegs as it just came out, so keep an eye out. Glad I"m not the only one collecting spooky cars.

    2. I never did find this version of the Rigor Motor, but I do like the new 2014 Halloween redeco. I was lucky enough to find all 5 of the 2014 Halloween Hot Wheels.

    3. It's still out there, at least in my area. I see it still on the pegs.



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