Jan 3, 2014

Holiday Haul Highlights

The holiday season may be over, but I got somewhere between 12" and 15" of snow dumped on me since yesterday. Most of the inside decorations are still up so there's a lingering of winter holiday still in the air. And since I'm home-bound for the day, I have time to finally share some of the wonderful pop culture goodies I received.

Doctor Who

I'll start with the Doctor, since he's had a lot of attention lately. The Weeping Angel is from Titan Merchandise. They have a couple waves of blind boxed Who mini-figures but the Angel is from the 6" line. I have a feeling my wife will end up regretting getting this for me, she does not like the Angels. To the right is the latest pack of Doctor Who Top Trumps, the popular UK card game, featuring characters from Seasons 6 and 7. Along the bottom is another UK card game, Attax, put out by Topps Direct. I also got a this wall calendar which was too large to fit into the photo and a pair of TARDIS sleep pants.

Adventure Time Calendar & Ornament

What time is it? With this calendar it's always Adventure Time! Each month features a title card from the show. Along with it is the first Hallmark Keepsake ornament. With Adventure Time being as popular as it is, I'm looking forward to new ornaments over the next few years.

Horror BluRays

A few BluRays that I'm very excited about! I can't wait to check out the two Vincent Price movies in HD. The House of Wax has a lenticular 3D image on the cover that you can't really capture on film, but it's cool. And Night of the Comet! I have a long history with this one. Pretty sure it was the first non-Creature Feature horror movie I ever saw and my first intro to "zombies." I recorded it from cable back in the day and watched it a whole lot.

Monster BooksLenore

Books! First is Creature Feature: A Monster Anthology, which should be a lot of fun. I have a few other anthologies from Open Casket Press but after finding this article, I may have to stop supporting them. Then there's The Gruesome Guide to World Monsters. I already have two other guide books from this author so this will round out the collection nicely. If I had the space, I'd have a monster hunting library to rival Giles'.

Another collection will be finished with these last two Lenore hard covers reprinting colorized versions of her original comic book exploits. If you've never experienced Lenore, I highly recommend it but with a warning that her darkly twisted humor is not for everyone.

I also got a couple of e-books: Star Wars: Jedi Academy and The Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Enhanced Edition). Jedi Academy is done by Jeffrey Brown who also does the Darth Vader and Son/Daughter books. It's part journal and part comic strip, I think it'd be great to share with your Padawans. I wanted the Making of as an e-book for two reasons: it takes up no shelf space and it's got bonus multimedia content not included with the print version. Can't wait to dig into it!

Star Wars Vader & Calendar

This festive Vader was hiding in my stocking with his bright Santa hat! And it wouldn't be Christmas without a desk calendar, but I was surprised to find this one a little different. My wife picked it out based on the box art. Checking out the back of the box, I noticed it was printed in the UK. A quick check of the calendar showed no 4th of July or Thanksgiving notations, so I have myself a UK desk calendar! Obviously it has all the same days but I think it's a neat little change to the usual.

What cool stuff did you get?


  1. What a great haul of items Dex congrats on it all. : )

  2. I'm glad to see I'm not the only adult who watches Adventure Time. Regular Show is pretty good as well. And the Vincent Price Dvd's sound pretty cool. Might have to check some out.

    1. Oh heck yes! I've been watching both shows since they started, love them!