Dec 27, 2014

Holiday Haul Highlights 2014

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great holiday. Things have been...interesting around here the last couple weeks. But overall, I'd say we landed firmly in the plus column!

Despite not having a camera, I'm going to make due with my iPad for the time being so I can keep posting. I mean, what's the point of blogging without images? Then it's just a bunch of words, who wants to read a bunch of words with no pictures?
Today I'm sharing some of my holiday loot.

Holiday Haul 2014

Seriously, what more could you want than a LEGO Rocket Raccoon and Groot? Not pictured is a Guardians wall calender which is already hanging to get the most out of the sweet group shot they used for the 2014 months. Remember when calendars only had the months for the upcoming year on them? I also can't wait to get into that Star Wars desk calendar, it looks to be all art instead of film scenes.

Holiday Haul 2014

Speaking of Star Wars....I may never wear this on any kind of regular basis because it would be warmer than sleeping inside a dead tauntuan, but it's pretty cool. I also got two other sets of sleep wear. I don't think I've gotten this many jammies for Christmas ever! One is Jack Skellington and the other is the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. Also got a matching set of Angel boxers, which I don't really understand since my wife (who gave them to me) is creeped out by the Angels...

Holiday Haul 2014

And she also got us this tree topper! I love it because you can pretty much put it out somewhere year round. It's about a foot tall. I guess you can put it anywhere that you want people to never look away from because don't blink.

Holiday Haul 2014

Lots of geeky reading to do next year! The second book down that appears to be hiding is Haunted Air, a collection of some of the most nightmare inducing vintage Halloween photos you'll ever likely find. Seriously, look at some of these!

Pumpkin Cinema will likely serve as a checklist for my movie viewing. I know I've seen quite a few of the movies but I'm hoping to stumble on some good stuff I never heard of.

The Corman book is absolutely gorgeous. Glossy, full color pages with plenty of movie posters and stills. People give Corman crap for some of his work, but that's why he's called the King of the Bs. He's done some of my favorite Vincent Price films and brought us DeathRace 2000, you can't argue with that pedigree.

I also got a pair of e-books.Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Return of the Padawan, the second book in the series. The first one was a lot of fun, highly recommend it for your younglings. And The Making of The Empire Strikes Back (Enhanced Version). The enhanced versions of these Making Of books are amazing. As someone that's been a Star Wars fan as long as there has been Star Wars, seeing something new regarding the original trilogy is mind blowing. And to get short audio and video clips is just icing on the cake.

Holiday Haul 2014

I'm listening to the Golden Records Halloween CD as I'm writing this post. It's about the most perfect children's Halloween album I've ever heard. Even if you don't have kids, if you're a Halloween fiend, add this to your collection. You can thank me later. It perfectly nails what I love about Halloween.

And finally, the Price set I've been dying for: The Raven, Comedy of Terrors (one of my favorites), House on Haunted Hill, Last Man on Earth, Dr Phibes Rises Again, and a couple more all in HD. I really hope they keep releasing more of these sets.

So there's some highlights of what I got this year, what cool stuff did you get?


  1. So glad good Sir Dex that you and your wife had a pleasant Christmas anyway 9 After the terrible violation of your home... at least they were "nice" about your Darth Vader mug)...
    seeing images of your home like that upset us... (even re-activated Stacey's PTSD and rendered us mostly "non-functional")...
    A pleasant holiday weekend to you and yours....

    1. Thanks! Any interesting movies and/or books find their way under your tree?

  2. Great gifts Dex and am glad to see Christmas turned out great despite the bumps along the way.