Oct 17, 2021

Punkin Fight Card Game

 Quirky Co. makes a lot of fun card games with different themes, including a few that are perfect for Halloween gaming. This is Punkin Fight.

In this game 2-4 players toss pumpkin bombs at each others clubhouses to attack them. Last clubhouse standing is the winner!

The clubhouses have fun addresses like Warlock Street and Graveyard Way. There's also a few monsters in the deck to give you the upper hand. Instead of me going on about how the game works, here's a quick video from the creator on how to play.

Something I love about Quirky Co games is that they're simple enough to explain in a short video. As far as I've seen the creator has a video for every game he's designed, and there's quite a few! The newest game is Even Monsters Get Spooked which is about monsters scaring each other over Halloween candy.

You can find all of Quirky Co's games on DriveThru Cards.

Click below to hit the Countdown site with a list of all the participants this year!

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