Oct 13, 2021

Graveyard Garage - Speed Spider & Bone Shaker (2020)

 I found these two Graveyard Garage entries in a generic Hot Wheels 3 pack and couldn't pass them up. The third one wasn't very spooky but two out of three ain't bad, right?

Speed Spider debuted in 2010 and this is only the 9th release. These are both multipack exclusive so you won't find them on a single card. Despite finding the pack earlier this year, these are 2020 releases. I'm pretty sure this is the first one to find its way into my collection. Anyone know of a good way to catalog them? Of course, then the problem is having to inventory all my cars!

I really like the creepy spider design. I'm not sure if those discs in the middle have any mechanical function but since there's 8 of them, I'd say they're supposed to be "eyes." The vents right below them look like fangs. While the Hot Wheels Wiki says the deco on the legs is yellow, it looks orange to me, but maybe that's just having Halloween on my mind.
Bone Shaker is definitely no stranger to the Graveyard Garage due to the huge skull on the front. I don't collect every one, which is a good thing because it's had over 100 releases since 2006 between the open and closed roof versions! I try to stick to the ones that I feel fit the Halloween theme.

I really like the blue they used here. Gives it a very spectral vibe. Various versions were released for a terrible Target "Halloween" exclusive 2012, Halloween 2014, Halloween 2016, Peanuts, and Rocket League.
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