Oct 6, 2021

Graveyard Garage - Rigor Motor (2021)

As I mentioned in the October welcome post, Halloween Hot Wheels Wednesdays this year will feature cars from my "Graveyard Garage" collection. In addition to the regular, official Halloween releases, I also collect any die cast that I feel fits the Halloween vibe.
Normally, I wouldn't want hot pink anywhere near my Halloween but the latest Rigor Motor gets an exception. Regular readers might remember this post from March with a B&W version of this vehicle.

This is pretty much a colorized version of that earlier release with the same art. I don't know about you, but I can't help but think of Skeletor when I look at those wheels! Perfect color combo.

Rigor Motor likely holds the record for the model most frequently given the Halloween treatment. Between the various Halloween sets like Fright Cars, Haunted Highway, and others, there are 12 different versions! And that's not even counting these two Art Car Dia de los Muertos designs.

Given that the actual Halloween releases this year share the same theme, I have to wonder why they didn't include this one in the line up. It could be that they're using regular car models instead of something fantastical like this. Still, it fits in great!

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  1. Fun toy, but as a real vehicle, I could never drive that far back from the front of the car!