Oct 5, 2021

Halloween Web - Señor Scary

 We're kicking off this year's Halloween Web interviews with Señor Scary, aka Jerry, who designed the Countdown to Halloween blog banner and badges for this year!
You can also find last year's interview with your other host, Naila Moon/Michelle. I swear I interviewed myself (I'm weird like that) but for the unlife of me, I can't find it!

Let's meet Se
ñor Scary!

Hola, my name is Jerry Robredo and I run a website called SenorScary.com. This is a personal collection of my Halloween work, photos of my award-winning home haunt, Halloween village, recipes, books, and everything I do to celebrate the darkest night of the year. By day, I’m a graphic designer at a college in Northern California and enjoy every minute of working with students.
What was your childhood Halloween like?

I was born in Southwest Texas border town and grew up in a predominantly Mexican community. Since Halloween isn’t celebrated in Mexico, it wasn’t widely celebrated in our town either. With a foot in one culture and another in America, my siblings and I embraced a few traditions like costumes and trick ‘r treating. My true love of Halloween would remain dormant within me until much later as an adult.
We did, however, celebrate horror in my familia, and often gathered to watch scary movies late into the night. I distinctly remember seeing The Exorcist when I was seven years old. I was terrified and l loved every minute. For most of my adolescence, the holiday was all about scary movies. I also credit my older brothers for my love of horror, since they passed down a treasure trove of Fangoria magazines.

Do you have any favorite costumes?

I should come clean now about costumes. I hate them. To clarify, I hate them on ME. They never fit well (because I’m an ogre), I don’t care for frilly clothes, and just don’t like to draw attention to myself. I’d rather work behind the scenes, in the dark. But I love seeing the creativity that so many talented people pour into costume making and have many fond memories of seeing the costume parade in The Castro district of San Francisco.
How do you celebrate the holiday today?

After becoming a homeowner in 2009, I realized I needed to fulfill my destiny and become a home haunter. I’ve developed many new skills in the process and now build my own props, and work with projections and lighting. I’ve met some great folks along the way, and lots of techniques. It also helps that our neighbors are incredibly supportive and look forward to the display. And we get to share it with hordes of trick ‘r treaters every year. In 2019, we had over 400 kids stop by for candy!

In February, I decide on my theme for my Halloween display and draw plans, research tutorials, and buy supplies to start my build on Memorial Day weekend. On July 5, Halloween retail hunting gets underway, and I start scouring the web. On August 1, I work on the Halloween village which debuts on Labor Day. And on Sep. 22, I fully unleash the Autumn scents (soaps, candles, car fresheners), and unearth my hidden stash of pumpkin-spiced treats. By Oct. 1, my build is finished, and I enjoy 31 days of Halloween fun.

Do you have any particular songs/albums you listen to?

I have a special playlist that I have been curating for over a decade, and it’s fired up all summer long while I work in the garage. I add to it every year and share it on Apple Music and Spotify. My favorites tracks, of course are the 80s Halloween hits and new wave classics. As for movies, my favorites are Poltergeist, The Shining, The Fog, Halloween ’78, Halloween: Season of the Witch, Evil Dead 2, and of course, Trick ‘r Treat.

Why do you think Halloween stays with us as we get older?

Halloween allows the freak to bubble to the surface, and in doing so unleashes a great wave of permission to be ourselves. No matter what your upbringing, gender, ethnicity, orientation, or economic standing, Halloween sparks insane amounts of creativity, joy, and wonder. There’s so many of us out there who love Halloween and love talking about it, and this creates a shared experience that builds a community for all of us who have ever felt alone or different. Halloween is what I think about when I’m stressed, sad, bored, or want to look forward to something beyond the daily dredge. It is more than a holiday. It is a state of mind. (Ed: Amen!)  I’m a happier, more creative, and more social person since I’ve embraced my love of all things Halloween.

Inside the Spookster's Studio

The worst thing to get while trick or treating was elementary school supplies.
My favorite thing to get was Kit Kats and candy corn (to wear as fangs).
My favorite monster cereal is undoubtedly Franken Berry.

An extra large thanks to Jerry not just for the interview, but also being our graphic design ghoul this year.

Jerry has a blog section, El Corazón de Horror Blog, on his site and a special Fiends of Señor Scary page where you can donate to help his yearly endeavors and get some cool stuff too. I just spent a good 20 minutes going through his site, the home haunts, the Halloween villages, the tips. Seriously, set some time aside and jump in this spooky rabbit hole, you'll be glad you did!

Click below to hit the Countdown site with a list of all the participants this year!


  1. Great interview! Definite dedication to decorating their haunt!

    1. I know, right? I’d have no idea where to even start to put something together.

  2. Cool interview. Opened his pages. Lots to get through but will be a blast.

    1. There is a TON to go through and it’s all amazing