Oct 25, 2021

Halloween Web - Lady M

Today we're talking to the mistress of the Haunted Parlor, Lady M.

Welcome and please introduce yourself to the readers.

Back in 2011, I began the blog Lady M’s Haunted Parlor as a way to connect with other haunters online.  My content revolves around Halloween shopping, crafts, parties, decorating, events, music, and bizarre news stories.  I have been a Countdown to Halloween participant since 2014, and usually focus on wacky events that take place in Manitou Springs Colorado, my place of residence.  We have the Skeleton Craze, Emma Crawford Coffin Races, Ghost Tours and Emma’s Wake to name a few.  I love to dress up, decorate my home and partake of the holiday season with abandon.  Creating a beautiful witch cabinet and a homemade graveyard are my passions.

What was Halloween like for you as a child?

I grew up in Winnetka, Illinois on the North Shore of Lake Michigan.   Most every house in our community participated in trick or treats. We used to decorated our house with Beistle cut outs in the windows. My Mom would load us all (my 5 siblings and the neighbor kids)  into our Volkswagen Bus and drive us farther afield when we had exhausted our local area.  Winnetka had some fairly affluent neighborhoods and I remember the running between big houses. There were no trick or treat hours – sometimes we would start right after school and go all evening, breaking for a little dinner.  Our school, especially grades 1-4 always had a Halloween costume parade and each classroom had a party.  

Do you have any stand out Halloween memories?

Most houses in the 1970‘s did not have elaborate yard haunts but I remember one in particular where a lady dressed as a witch with a bubbling cauldron.  She invited us into her front room and we gladly went.  Another fun memory is when my siblings and I saved pocket money to walk 5 blocks to the high school boys club pumpkin sale.  We could not afford large pumpkins but we bought little gourds and carved those with the kitchen knives.  We just loved making those tiny jacks and illuminating them with birthday candles.  Back in the 1970‘s, nobody had any qualms about letting kids play with knives, matches or enter strangers houses.

What about favorite costumes?

When we were very small, my Mom purchased those fab costumes in the box.  However, about 4th grade, we started to create our own, beginning with the beggars made from some old curtains.  From there we dressed as the Marx Brothers (I was Harpo having curly light hair) and then in 1950‘s style because Happy Days was all the rage.  As an adult, Since 2009 always dress as Lady M.

How do you celebrate today?

I always try to decorate the haunt both interior and exterior.  I would call my haunt style spooky not gory -think Disney’s Haunted Mansion vs Friday the 13th. And I never let the kiddies down – I like to hand out full size candy bars to all who brave walking up our hill (even in the pandemic we made a candy slide).   This year is special as my daughter is getting married and having a Halloween wedding so I am working hard on macabre wedding decor.

Are there any special activities you do every year?

We always go to the races, darling, specifically the Emma Crawford Coffin Races that take place on our little community of 5,000.  I am also a judge for the Skeleton Craze in Manitou Springs for two years running.  My favorite Halloween songs are Ludo’s "Love Me Dead", Shriekback’s "Nemesis", and Alkaline Trio’s cover of the Misfits "Halloween"

What is it about Halloween that keeps you celebrating?

Halloween is just pure fun. I think this carries over from childhood. I love the crisp air, the fall colors, and being someone else. The mystery, the magic, the goosebumps – really it is hard to beat.

Inside the Spookster's Studio

The worst thing to get while trick or treating was an apple.  Now don’t  get me wrong, I love a good apple.  The problem was when trick or treating, one rarely got a good apple.  Usually it was an ancient, mealy, and bruised red delicious hiding in the bottom of the treat bag.

My favorite thing to get was chocolate like a fun size snickers.

My favorite monster cereal Wow – I have not eaten sugary cereal for years.  But I would have to say Count Chocula back in the day.

Where can people find you online?

They can visit my blog, Lady M's Haunted Parlor, and I'm also on Instagram as ladymhauntedparlor and ladymhauntedparlor1

Thank you to Lady M for dropping by the crypt today and sharing her wonderful photos.

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  1. Great interview, Dex (and Lady M)! I hear you on the apples. Bottom of my list too. I have a vivid memory of a neighbor going into his kitchen and digging around in the vegetable bin to pull out an old apple (he hadn't planned on Trick or Treaters). I chucked that sucker as soon as I got out of his house!

    1. I didn't mind getting like one apple for the whole night but if they have to go digging around to find something....yuck!