Oct 19, 2021

Disney's Haunted Mansion Playing Cards

 Disney has an odd way of merchandising their product. I don't recall seeing these playing cards when visiting Memento Mori, the Haunted Mansion gift shop. Instead, I found these in a shop in Animal Kingdom. Either way, I was happy to add them to my collection.

I do have to commend them for the packaging. They could have released this in a standard box but went with a cool coffin shaped box. Just like they did with this set I picked up in 2014.

Not only is a coffin shaped box, but when you open it, it's got a faux silk purple lining!

Unlike that first deck I picked up in 2014, these cards do not glow in the dark. That's not necessarily a bad thing as whatever they use for the glow made those cards a little gritty on the back. Also unlike that first deck, this one was $15 compared to the original $10.

They used the same suits for the cards: RIP headstones (Spades), bat stanchions (Hearts), spooky eyes from the Mansion wallpaper (Clubs), and candles (Diamonds). The number cards just have the suit pips with no other ghostly appearances. With so many characters in the Mansion, I wish they'd use more of them on the 2-9 cards.
If you look closely, you'll see the cards have a fun wallpaper background with different objects from around the Mansion. The face card ghosts for red suits are purple and green for black suits.

It's also worth mentioning that these are slightly smaller than standard playing cards. I think they may be Bridge size but I'm no playing card expert.

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