Oct 8, 2021

Halloween Web - Queen of Wands

Todays Halloween Web interview is with an actual wand maker!
Welcome, please introduce yourself.
I'm Jeannie Seidel, an Assemblage Artist in Philadelphia who designs and handcrafts magical wands. 50 - 75% of each wand is fabricated from reclaimed materials like vintage jewelry, salvaged buckles + curtain finials, found objects and antique industrial bobbins. I just launched my Halloween pop-up shop on September 13, called Witchy Wands Emporium! If you join my email list I'll send you a coupon code for 13% off your wand purchase!
 Do you have any special Halloween memories?

My favorite Halloween memory is when I was 13, my best friend would NOT tell me ANYTHING about her Halloween costume.  When she got to my house, she was WRAPPED with white medical gauze, literally from head to toe and she was the most AMAZING Mummy I had ever seen!  I could not believe her mom spent pretty much ALL day wrapping her up.  I wish I had a photo.  It was quite a sight and really kinda funny!  

What about favorite costumes?

My favorite homemade costume was back in 2010, I went as Lady Gaga.  I took an old black dress and embellished it with mirror tiles and I created this silver foiled 3D piece that I attached to the dress.  It held up REALLY well for a night out. (see above)

Do you have any yearly rituals to get into the spirit?

Usually on Halloween we go to my sister's party.  She has some really creative decorations and everyone dresses up!  2 years ago my husband dressed up as Limu Emu and Doug - hilarious! (Ed. - LOVE this!) Sometimes I'll bring a pumpkin I decorated (see below) or I'll make a fun Halloween themed dessert to bring.

What about favorite places to go or things to do?

My FAVORITE place to visit every October is Laurel Hill Cemetery in the East Falls section of Philly. It is literally 1 mile from our home.  It's an historic cemetery and they do all kinds of spooky events!  The atmosphere is amazing because there are these HUGE stone mausoleums all over the cemetery and I believe the cemetery was planned and designed by architects over 100 years ago. From flashlight tours with stories about those buried there to Halloween movies and a Halloween craft fair, they have so many festive events.  This year they're hosting a spooky jazz night!  Some of these events include a firepit, spider cider and gingersnaps or candy afterwards. Check out their website for this year's events!
What is it about Halloween that's so special to you?
For me, Halloween was that 1 night every year where I could be whoever or whatever I wanted to be!  I often made my own costumes, sometimes I still do (see witch hat below that I made from Duck Tape). I love the creativity and the spooky ghost stories. And watching the trees turn color is the most magical thing nature does all year long! Halloween is a reminder that there are mysterious things in life - i.e. ghosts, etc. - that maybe we can't always explain, and isn't it fun to celebrate those things every year and ponder them and totally just be kids again! 
Inside the Spookster's Studio
The worst thing to get while trick or treating was Mary Janes -- eeeeeewwww!
My favorite thing to get was full size Butterfinger candy bar.
My favorite monster cereal is Boo Berry! 

Where can people find you online?

My Halloween pop-up shop (runs till October 13), Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Jeannie, thanks for joining us!

Thank you for inviting me to participate!  This was a ton of FUN!
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