Oct 30, 2021

2021 Halloween Hot Wheels - Plymouth Barracuda

 The final Halloween Hot Wheels of the 2021 series is a Plymouth Barracuda.

Although the name on it is Plymouth Barracuda, this model's name was originally King 'Cuda when it debuted in 1970. There were 9 different versions released in 1970. It wasn't released again until 2002 when it was slightly retooled and called Plymouth Barracuda.

My favorite cars in this series have been the black body with white deco. It makes the designs really pop using simple contrast. Plus, the detail in the line work can really shine.

That wraps up the 2021 Halloween Hot Wheels!
If you've been enjoying all the Hot Wheels history factoids, head over to the Hot Wheels Wiki where I crib all my info from.
Here's my ranking for this year. It was a tough call between the two black and white entries but I'm a sucker for an exposed engine.

Plymouth Barracuda

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