Oct 23, 2021

2021 Halloween Hot Wheels - '14 Corvette Stingray

 I don't know what it is about them but Stingrays have been a favorite car of mine since I can remember. However, it's the 60s/80s coupe model that I love. I thought the idea of a Transformer that not only turns into a vehicle Stingray but also the animal would be pretty cool.

I love metalflake paint but the designs on this one just aren't clicking with me. I don't think the graphics colors stand out enough on the red body. Maybe if they'd gone all white with the graphics or a different body color it would look better. The whole color scheme seems like it's fighting itself, the red body, purple interior/wheels, and the yellow windshield. This is definitely my least favorite of the 2021 series.

This isn't the best shot of the body but it does show the little details they put into the vehicle interiors like steering wheel and gear shift. I always take the time to check out the interiors because of the details. It's not something they need to do but I really appreciate it.

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