Oct 5, 2016

2016 Halloween Hot Wheels - Bone Shaker & Audacious

It's Halloween Hot Wheels Wednesday!
Hey, it's my blog, I make up the things.

Not only has Hot Wheels outdone themselves this year, releasing EIGHT Halloween themed cars, but they also seemed to have gotten their act together distribution-wise.

In recent years, these spooky speedsters were only available at stores associated with Kroger's. I don't know about you, but the closest one to me is several hours drive away! This year, they're still in Kroger's but also in Walgreen's. Now those I've got about 5 in spitting distance! I'm guessing no matter where you are in the US, you should be able to find these.

While I enjoyed the years when they did a Target exclusive pack, I've kinda been digging the hunt for these. Every Walgreen's I go to only has a handful of them at any visit. 

But enough blabbering, let's gaze upon this year's card art...

Gore-gee-ous, ain't it? Owl silhouette against a full moon, zombies in the corn field, a pumpkin-headed scarecrow, and a farmhouse...on fire! And of course, front and center, is Boneshaker busting through a fence. I wish Hot Wheels had art prints of the Halloween cards, they are always spot-on Halloween.

The first car in the 2016 series is a ghostly Boneshaker.

I mentioned last year how I like it when they incorporate the year into the car design and it looks like this year every single car has 16 on it somewhere. You might guess from the name, that this Boneshaker is far from the first of its kind in my Graveyard Garage, and you'd be right! No matter the car deco, it always sports a looming skull holding the headlights. Perfect for Halloween any time of the year.

I really like the color scheme on this one. The pale blue and white give it an ethereal appearance. And the translucent wheels only add to that vibe.

Here's a top view to show off the Halloween Hot Wheels logo, or as I call it, Smiley. You can also see the roof graphics which, when viewed from the front, make the front skull look like a flying spirit with tatters trailing it in the wind.

A great start to the 2016 line up!

I had considered doing a single post for each car but ultimately decided against it because I know there will be other things that need their own post. So here is numero dos in this year's Halloween line-up...


I wasn't 100% sure but I thought this was the first Audacious to make its way to the Graveyard Garage. This model debuted in 2003 and this is the 20th one released. It has a cousin from 2006 that was in a series called Bone Blazers that I actually dug out from a stack of cars I have (more below).

I really like this one though! Red isn't usually a go to color when I think of seasonal vehicles, I mean, sure it's the color of blood, but you know what I mean. The black and silver graffiti graphics on this one work really well. And of course you can't go wrong with blazing Halloween on the sides and a few big spider webs.

This top shot better shows off the black and silver paint. I actually had to check the car for a minute. The lighting I used makes the silver look purple. Kinda too bad it's not because it would look pretty sweet! In the back corner is a disguised 16.

Here is the Audacious released in the Bone Blazers series which fits right in the Graveyard Garage. Skulls, bone wings, flames, and red tinted windows, what's not to love?

Tune in next Wednesday for part two of the 2016 Halloween Hot Wheels.

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