Oct 26, 2016

2016 Halloween Hot Wheels - Blvd Bruiser & 16 Angels

Here we are at the fourth and final Hot Wheels Wednesday. Where did the month go?

The first half of today's pair is Blvd Bruiser.

Blvd Bruiser is a relatively new model in the line having first been released in 2011. This is only the 8th version to roll off the assembly line.

While it lacks any spooky Halloween deco aside from the pumpkin logo, I really like this one. The orange really pops on the purple metalflake paint job.

And our last Halloween Hot Wheels of the year is 16 Angels.

Last year's lineup also had 16 Angels in it. You might think 16 Angels is an odd name for a car and I'd agree with you. The 16 comes from the number of cylinders and the angels come from Biblical angels being as strong as many men.

This is another one where the colors really work well. The body has a smoky translucence which makes the electric purple stand out. And check out that bat on the hood.

For the heck of it, here's my ranking of this year's cars from most Halloween-y to least.

Bone Shaker
Ryura LX
16 Angels
Blvd Bruiser
Deora II

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