Oct 30, 2016

Halloween Safety

When you go out Trick or Treating tomorrow night (or whenever it may be where you live) remember to stay safe!

1977 Safety video

1985 Safety video

And if you can't be safe, at least make sure your morals are in good standing by watching this 1969 Trick or Treat film from the Value Film Series.

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  1. I just watched the 1977 video and that was really interesting after just giving treats to the kids tonight. Aside from one little boy who came to the door with a glowstick necklace, no one was doing anything to show up in the dark. I didn't see too many masks at all, so they could all see fine. I know that white witch costume with the reflective tape in the video was safer, but it's not very cool looking...

    Oh! I meant to tell you that I had a mini-Salem Creep come by tonight! Well, he didn't have the Creep hands, but otherwise it was your costume. I couldn't see any of his face, but he had red eyes that briefly glowed and faded out. I told him when he came to the door that I thought I'd seen some red eyes and then he made them glow. So he could probably control them somehow. He looked very cool, as he was basically breaking every rule in that video. :) Hopefully that kid was done walking near traffic by the time it got too dark! I'm thinking of that old SNL sketch with "Irwin Mainway" and his "invisible pedestrian" costume!

    1. Even as a kid, I would always take cool looking over safety! Haha!

      It's so funny they have that costume. It's been around for a few years and I had my first incarnation in 1997, long before they started making those fading eye hoods.

      I ran into someone in Salem that had that costume, but it was probably a teen/20-something. He stopped me for a minute and said I looked familiar :)