Oct 10, 2016

Mansion Monday - HMH Playing Cards

Yesterday I talked about one of my favorite Halloween finds at Disney. Today is another item I was not expecting to find: Haunted Mansion Holiday playing cards!

These took me by surprise because Haunted Mansion Holiday (HMH) only takes place at DisneyLand, and not DisneyWorld where I found them. If you're ever at WDW looking for Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, the best place to find it is in the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop. Why that is, I don't know, but there you have it.

It looks like they re-used the packaging from the Haunted Mansion playing card set I talked about a couple years ago. Although I'm not sure which set came first. The main differences between them being the graphics on the coffin lid and the lining on this one is black instead of purple. Black sort of is Jack's color, isn't it?

The face cards are the same across all suits but I do like that they are holiday mirror images: one side is Halloween, the other Christmas. Except for the Vampire Teddy, who is chowing down on Christmas lights on either side. The regular numeric cards aren't too different from what you'd expect, although Diamonds have been replaced with Coffins.

The actual card quality is about average for Disney playing cards. Which is to say, not as good as your average playing card but decent enough so that they're not just a collectible.

While $10 might seem a bit much for a deck of cards, the packaging, presentation, and theme make it a great value, especially considering it's sold in the parks. Secondary market, I would expect you'll pay 1.5x-2x retail.

Here's a video ride-thru of the Haunted Mansion Holiday at DisneyLand.

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  1. Those are awesome! Great packaging. I was just thinking of your Disney trip. Did you end up making it to the Krampus part of Halloween Horror Nights?

    1. I did, it was very cool! Unfortunately, Universal and Disney are almost opposites when it comes to having any organization or wanting their guests to have a great time. I was there for 6 hours and only got to see 2 of the haunted houses because the lines were so long.

  2. Oooh. Well, it's good you prioritized then! What was the second haunted house you chose? I'm hoping you at least had an entertaining time in line. I've seen some videos where it looks like scary people are walking around outside the haunts.

    I looked up some videos of the Krampus town area tonight. Looks like they built quite the spooky winter setting! I watched some video of The Exorcist house too. I expected that to be scarier since the movie scared me so much. Oddly, the one that looked super scary was the American Horror Story haunt. I say that's odd, because I've never watched any of that series!