Oct 8, 2016

Halloween Web - Crystal

Another Halloween blogger joins us today and her name is Crystal.

Hi Crystal! Tell us about you.

I'm just a regular lover of Halloween, classic monsters, and cheesy b-movies. During the Halloween off-season, I work as a graphic designer, and also design digital scrapbook and printable items under my "Sugar Moon Designs" label.

What was Halloween like where you grew up?

I grew up in the Midwest during the 1970s and I think it was just a great time and place to be a kid on Halloween. We loved planning our costumes for months. We would trick or treat for HOURS it seemed. When I got older we would soap some windows and other pretty harmless pranks, but for me, Halloween was always about the costumes, the theatrics and the fantasy of becoming something other than yourself for a day!

Do you have a particularly fond Halloween memory? 

My favorite Halloween memories are always Halloween parties! Oh my goodness I loved the creepy soundtrack albums that we played, I LOVED the games - especially the "feel the body part" game where you stuck your hand in a bucket of spaghetti or peeled grapes to simulate some disgusting guts or eyeballs! I have so many great memories of Halloween parties over the years and I've tried to keep that tradition alive for my own kids and nieces and nephews.

What about a favorite costume?

 One of my favorite Halloween memories is dressing up like a gypsy for a church Halloween Party as a kid. My grandma helped me do my makeup and gave me dark mysterious arched eyebrows and a "beauty mark" She covered me in her scarves and costume jewelry. I felt so magical! All night everyone kept telling me how fantastic my makeup looked. I loved it, and I really felt like I was that gypsy fortune teller for that night!

How do you celebrate Halloween these days?

 I usually throw a Halloween party for any available kids. Halloween parties with kids are always the most fun to me because the kids aren't too "cool" or trying to be too "sexy." They just love the costumes and make-believe and getting scared for fun - not to mention all the amazing TREATS!!!

 The best time of the year is the beginning of October when I can pull out all the Halloween decorations. I LOVE that! I have many vintage decorations that I leave up all year, but during October I can finally bust them all out and decorate every room in the house! I also try to watch at least one scary movie a day - especially the Universal Horror ones which are my favorites. I love to make caramel apples, and of course, we HAVE to carve pumpkins!

What is it about Halloween that keeps it in our hearts as we get older? 

I think it's the fantasy of the holiday, we can relive some of our fond childhood memories. Plus there's candy, that always inspires me!

Inside the Spookster's Studio

The worst thing to get while trick or treating was apples or toothbrushes (what!?)

My favorite thing to get was Reese's peanut butter cups!

Where can folks find you online?

I'm on Facebook as B-Movie Star.

A big thanks to Crystal for stopping by the Halloween Web!
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