Oct 11, 2016

Hallowen Web - P.E. Cor

Another Countdown blogger joins us today for a sit down, it's P.E. Cor.

She took a little different route with the questionnaire. Instead of answering the questions directly, she sort of answered them all at once in a narrative. I really like this approach so I wanted to post it as it was submitted.

My first memories ​of​ October ​involve walks to school while kicking through piles of crisp, fallen leaves. I grew up in​ Montreal, Quebec​ so Autumns were spectacular. And at some point in the season my mother would often promise a drive through the countryside to see 'the colours.' And that was always a great day!​

Memories of childhood and Halloween are mostly fragments​. The store bought mask with the small holes that made it hard to see or breathe! Dragging around ​that too long pillow case​.​
​ ​
My brother's spooky sound FX record playing through an open window. The admir​ation of neighbourhood kids as I walked confidently up that driveway with the spooky sounds...and their gasps as I disappeared through the door. And then t​he warmth of inside and sifting through the pillow case to​ organi​ze​ its contents - candy, chocolate, chips!

​One of the most memorable Halloweens for me was the one that was cancelled. In 1970, after the high profile kidnapping of a local politician resulted in the October Crisis, a state of martial law was declared in my hometown. There was a curfew and I wasn't allowed out that year. ​​There was definitely a different feel to Halloween night that year.

But things soon went back to normal and my love for Halloween continued.

After I left home​ and was living out West in cowboy country, I still​ ​celebrated the night with a costume, ​home made ​decorations in the doorway, and​ a bowl of candy ready to give out. ​I also liked to pay a visit to my​ nearby​ nephews while disguised as an old witch or ghoul. My grandmother's shabby beaver coat and the makeup tricks I'd learnt while staffing a haunted house ​were once just a little too convincing​.​​ Even after I identified myself to my youngest and very frightened nephew, he would not believe it was me!​

​For over a decade I lived in the land of sand where they didn't celebrate Halloween. But, of course, because there were others there who, like me, DID celebrate. So many of us made sure to decorate our houses and have candy ready to give out to those who made the rounds. I do believe the numbers increased over the years!​

​I still love to decorate and make things for the season of ghosts. And where I now live, in the land of rain, drizzle and fog (Newfoundland), well, everyone here loves Halloween too!

​While crafting the latest batch of seasonal 'things,' ​I like to watch old spooky movies on YouTube or listen to seasonal music mixes. The sounds of cackling witches, moaning ghosts, howling wolves, and menacing footsteps can be heard through the house. And it makes my heart sing!

Inside the Spookster's Studio

The worst thing to get while trick or treating was apples - I had a ​chipped​ front tooth for years that made apple eating​ really awkward.

My favorite thing to get was licorice! Especially the red stringy kind.​ Cuz it's so bloooodddeeeeeeeeeeee......

Hee Hee!​

P.E.Cor can be found at halloweenholler.blogspot.com​

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