Oct 1, 2016

Countdown to Halloween!

To borrow a line from the Pumpkin King himself: "THIS IS HALLOWEEN!"

Today on this most auspicious of autumn days, I am in sunny (hopefully) Florida at Disney's Hollywood Studios again. No doubt riding Star Tours for the nth time to try and see all the various scenes. But that's not why we're here on October 1st.

I put together a brand spankin' new banner for this year's Countdown to Halloween. Nothing against the previous two that I've been rotating between but when I saw the Funko Charlie Brown ghost, I had to incorporate him into the banner. Which, if you're not aware, is one quarter of an exclusive Walgreen's set of Pops.

After deciding on ol' Chuck, I thought who would be a better companion to take the opposite side but another little round headed kid: Sam from Trick R Treat! The banner is pretty simple but it's a perfect blend to convey everything Halloween is to me: spooky fun.

I know a lot of people ramp up the horror watching in October, and while I do a bit, I watch horror year round. I'm more into the vintage stylings and childhood aspects of the holiday. I haven't Trick or Treated in decades but it's still something that holds magic for me which is why I tend to go a little overboard with the goody bags I make every year. I like to imagine the kids getting home, sorting their loot, and finding my little bundle of candy and toys.

If you need some visuals to get you in the Halloween spirit, as it were, I'm going to post a link to one of my Halloween Pinterest boards for a few days. I have too many to put in one post!

If you're a regular visitor and don't know what the Countdown to Halloween is all about, head over there post haste! A ghoulish gang of bloggers are publishing Halloween posts all month long.


  1. I love those Great Pumpkin Pops! Looking forward to your stuff this year!

  2. You have two of my favorite Pop! figures on there. I don't collect Funko Pops, but they just keep showing up at my house anyways!

    1. Haha, I'm in the same boat! That Charlie Brown ghost seems to be the hard one to find so far.