Oct 7, 2016

Build-a-Bear Halloween 2016

Last year, Build-a-Bear had quite a bit of new stuff for the Halloween season. This year, not so much but they do have a new round of plush creatures.

First up is Night Sky Kitty. In my opinion, not the best black cat they've ever done but it is pretty cute. The stars are neat and I think she'd look good in a gypsy costume if they had one.

What's that? You want your mummy? Then Build-a-Bear has got you covered with Mummy Teddy! The choice of green under the wraps is a little odd. I mean, it makes sense when you think about a person mummy because you know, dead person. Maybe it's just me, but I think he looks more severe trauma patient laid up in traction than a mummy.

And saving the most horrifying for last is Bear-o-Lantern! Just imagine getting this for your child (or yourself, I don't judge. We've got more than a few Build-A-Bear creations around the house.) and having it in the room being faintly lit by a night light. It's mere moments away from springing to life and strangling you in your bed, silently grinning all the while.

No. Thank. You.

So last year, they took the Werewolf from the year before (2014) and turned it into a Build-a-Bear Buddy, which is a smaller stuffed animal. This year, they took Black Bat and Zombear from last year's full sized critters and shrunk them into Buddies. It's kind of a neat idea. Plus, who wouldn't want a small zombie bear? I know I'd rather have a pile of those than just one of the Bear-o-Lantern abominations!

It doesn't look like there's much new online in the way of costumes but maybe there will be more of a selection in store.

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  1. too bad they don't make one with a skull-head... the "Jack-o-Lantern" one looks cool...
    Great post !!

    1. I think a skull-headed one might be pushing it a little too far for the kiddies, but I like the way you think!