Mar 16, 2022

Fortnite Micro Series - Dark Voyager

 I swear I've seen more Jazwares Fortnite toys come out since they announced Hasbro got the license. I saw the Micro Series popup a short while ago but every time I find them it seems to always be the same four or five figures of the 11 on the card back. But I finally found the one I've been looking for!

The Micro Series figures are about 2.5" tall and come with one accessory. While they're all decent figures, this one in particular grabbed my attention because he's a space looking dude.

Although I've been playing the game for over a year, I'm not into the lore so I don't know anything about the Dark Voyager other than he looks like he might have auditioned for a part in Dead Space.

For 2.5" figures, these have some crazy articulation! You'd never expect a figure this small to have 12 POA. The knees don't bend as much as I'd like but it's enough so that he could sit in a vehicle. The shoulders are hinged which was a nice surprise. Thankfully, they lack the terrible hinged hands that plague the 6" line.

 Some LEGO accessories are just the right size for sharing.

I really hope they continue this line and get around to some of my favorite skins. I may just pick up Battle Hound to keep the Voyager company because he looks pretty cool.

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