Sep 30, 2021

Monthly Media Recap - September 2021

While I watched zero horror movies last month, I figured I should get myself ready for October by tackling a whole franchise I'd never seen.

Hope you don't mind the early decorations being put up. 
Tomorrow begins the month long Countdown to Halloween!!


Gilmore Girls (S5, Netflix) - The big "will they/won't they" moment arrived. Has there ever been a series with one of these where they didn't?

Star Wars Visions (Disney+) - I was on the fence after seeing the first trailer but I'll always give new Star Wars a chance. I really liked the anthology aspect of it with different teams doing each story and the fresh story telling opportunities a different culture opens up. I'd like to see a mini (or ongoing!) series featuring the band from Episode 2, Tatooine Rhapsody.
My episode rankings: 5-7-4-2-3-8-9-1-6


Thinking this was a 60s horror movie I was expecting flying sheets on wires and plastic skeletons jumping out of closets. I was definitely not expecting a psychological type ghost story. It's a great haunted house flick with some good camera work and effects. Obviously tame by today's standards, I still think it's essential horror homework.

Rating: 6/10

I've seen too few of Adam Green's movies but absolutely loved the series Holliston. This was a fun 80s slasher throwback. One might think with a horror flick named Hatchet, there would be a lot of kills involving said implement. One would be wrong. What really gives it the extra point from me in the rating are the kills. They're brutal and the gore is comically over the top. Quite a few modern horror legend actor cameos too. As Green is from MA, it was nice to see him work in a Newbury Comics t-shirt on a main character.

Rating: 7/10

This picks up right at the end of the previous one and...they recast the female lead? I don't know the reasoning behind it and I know Danielle Harris has a rep as a "scream queen" but she is barely okay in this role. The monster makeup didn't seem to be on par with the original. The kills don't really start coming until the final 30 minutes and I was already checking the clock 20 minutes before that. Just not as much fun as the first all around but they do get some hatchet kills in.

Rating: 4/10

This one also picks up right after the previous entry. They managed to get some of the fun back and I think the creature looks better. Harris is back again and seems to be in a completely different, serious movie from the rest of the cast.

Rating: 5/10

This one picks up 10 years later and fully embraces the 80s with a ridiculous way of bringing the big baddie back. Not quite as good as the original but probably my second favorite in the series. Includes another horror legend, Felissa Rose, and Laura Ortiz who I adored on Holliston. Seriously, if you haven't seen Holliston, check it out! It's on Shudder.

Rating: 6/10

Malignant (2021, HBO Max)
I was going to post a trailer, but the less you know going in, the better it will be. Based on other reviews I've seen, this seems like a like it or hate it kind of movie. I enjoyed it quite a bit. The concept is pretty cool even if there's a good amount of cliché going on towards the end. There's some really interesting fight scenes and when there's gore, there's plenty to cover for the times there isn't!

Rating: 6/10

Another wonderful horror time capsule hosted by Robert Englund. This one's a little more special than '90 as Vincent Price makes an appearance. Next month, I'll be checking out the 1974 Horror Hall of Fame, hosted by Mr. Price!

Monthly Total
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Year to Date
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