Oct 31, 2013

October 2013 Loot Crate: Survive!

Happy Halloween, folks!

Sometime last night we passed 100k page views and people like to celebrate round numbers, so to thank all you weirdos that come by, there's a contest below!

Before I dig into this month's Loot Crate, I have to show you what the Great Pumpkin dropped off last night...

Thank you, Great Pumpkin!!

October's Loot Crate theme is "Survive!" Can you make it?

Loot Crate Oct 13 box

Disclaimer 1: This Loot Crate was provided to me in exchange for a review
Disclaimer 2: Potato Head monster is not part of the Crate, he just wanted to help out.

Loot Crate Oct 13

First up we've got a chewy eyeball. Mmmmm, grape, my favorite eye flavor! Next to that is an adorable zombie card. He looks like he just needs a hug. Won't you hug him? The inside of the card says he also likes you for your brains.

Loot Crate Oct 13

Here we've got the Loot Crate mini-mag that details all the goodies in your Crate and shows off the Looter community. It's also got a little interview with Max Brooks, author of World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide. Below that are temp tattoos that let you declare your allegiance: infected or safe. Then there's a trio of vintage video game inspired zombie buttons: a crossbow, health kit and a hand breaking from the ground. On the right is your official Loot Crate Zombie Hunter license! There's spots on the back to fill in all your info.

Loot Crate Oct 13 Zombie Survival Guide

Your very own copy of the Zombie Survival Guide! This book is essential for zombie fans, hardcore or casual.I already have a copy of this in my monster hunting library so if you need this, I will send it to you if you pay shipping.

Loot Crate Oct 13 shirt

Lastly is this awesome Star Wars and Walking Dead mash-up shirt. I love it and I think I'll be wearing it today. At least until the sun goes down.

If you're still reading you either like the site or you're just here for the promise of a contest. Either way, I won't judge you! The fine folks at Loot Crate want to give you a one month subscription to their awesome box o stuff. Honestly, I don't know why they didn't call it
Box O Stuff to start! Haha.

All you gotta do is leave a comment below answering my Inside the Actor's Studio-ish questions.

What do you hope to get while Trick or Treating?
What would you get that would cause you to egg a house?
(this is purely hypothetical, so even if you're not the kind of person that would egg a house, it's ok to answer it)

Be safe out there tonight, and most importantly, have fun!!

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  1. Full size Snickers or Baby Ruth candy bars and if someone where to do some lame card trick instead giving me candy I would feel to throw a dozen or so eggs at there house once they were in bed.

  2. Hope that you have all the candy that you want on this special night....
    just dropped by to wish you a Happy Halloween...
    And that is a cool-looking "dark creature"....

    1. Thanks, Doc! Hope you had a magical All Hallows as well.

  3. I would hope to get anything gummy (eyeballs, bugs, etc.) and Mary Janes would cause me to egg a house :)

    -Amber T.-


  4. A butterfinger! my all time favorite candy.

    Those horribly inappropriate religious tract comics. I am a christian and even I find them offensive and not the type of thing you should be giving out to children.

  5. I would hope to get a Clark Bar. And I would egg the house that gave me anything "healthy".

  6. FYI in case you're following this post, CRPechonick was selected as the winner!