Oct 21, 2013

Disney Halloween Treats

Well, I've finally gotten around to sorting through my vacation pics! I've got plenty to share from our Disney trip for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. But I'm going to lead up to the "good stuff" to give you an idea just what it's like visiting the Happiest Place 
on Earth when it's in Halloween mode.

Today's post is all about the goodies!
Almost everywhere you can get snacks, there's some kind of seasonal treat.

Disney Cookie Bucket

This bucket of cookies was in the Pop Century Resort's gift shop. I brought a couple home but haven't tried them yet. Mickey is cinnamon sugar and Jack is honey vanilla.

Disney Cookie Assortment

While these aren't all Halloween themed, it does show the variety of treats they have in Main Street's candy shop. Anyone know what the yellow one is? It kinda looks like a construction helmet but I couldn't make an association with any Disney characters...unless it's for Fix-It Felix from Wreck-It Ralph? But that's not likely as I barely found a speck of Ralph merch.

z Disney Candy Apples

One thing there is no shortage of throughout the Magic Kingdom is candy apples. I didn't get any of these so I can't tell you what's in each of them. You can watch these getting made at just about every place that sells them.

Disney Cake Pops

They also have some fun cake pops, like Monsters U's Mike Wazowski or Jack Skellington.

Disney Cupcakes 

And just in case you haven't gotten hungry yet, here's a few cupcakes. I like the ghost ones with the chocolate Mickey ears. I didn't try any of these because we were celebrating my birthday while we were there. Most restaurants know this and give you a birthday cupcake at the end of your meal. I was pretty cupcaked out during the trip. None of them were as good as the one I got at Be Our Guest which was amazing.

That's all for today, don't forget to stop by Countdown to Halloween and Blog-O-Ween!


  1. Delicious! Or, at least they look delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Making me hungry look at all of those...Yum!

  3. You were "pretty cupcaked out"? I didn't know that was possible for a person. ;) You must have had a serious amount of them. All of these goodies look yummy! I don't know what that yellow cookie is either. It's either a hat or a snail in my eyes.