Oct 15, 2013

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack: Trick or Treat Troopers

Here's the second of the Star Wars Halloween Play Packs found at Target:
Trick or Treat Troopers

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack - Vader pack 

There are only two different sticker sheets among the four Play Packs, yesterday's green one and today's orange one.

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack - Sticker sheet 2 

It's very similar to the green one but instead of itty bitty Fetts and Chewies, it has itty bitty Vaders and Yodas on it. And as I mentioned yesterday, the coloring books are also very similar in content. But they do all have different covers.

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack - Trick or Treat Troopers 

I think the ewok with the Vader mask is pretty neat and he's got a half Death Star Trick or Treat bucket! Here's a couple more pages from the book.

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack - Helmets

I like that they're going for a Day of the Dead thing with the helmets, but I don't feel it's quite where it should be design-wise. Because I'm an expert now after spending a little while in Mexico...in EPCOT.

Stay tuned for the next two, coming up!

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